Tuesday, May 23, 2006

Peca identifies with character from a really shitty Stallone movie

I'll give him credit for singing along to the Wizard of Oz and being man enough to admit it, but Mike Peca has also had many concussions in his career, has he not? I laughed for about 5 minutes after reading an NHL.com article on Peca's favourite movies:

His all-time favorite movie? The Wizard of Oz. "I can watch it over and over," Peca says with a grin. "Hey, I sing all the songs, too."

While you might say the Oilers are following the yellow brick road in their dreams of
winning their first Stanley Cup since 1990, Peca discerns an even closer parallel to his hockey role in another movie. It's one of Sylvester Stallone's less memorable films -- Over the Top.

"I identify with the character he plays in that movie the most because he's a small guy who arm-wrestles this giant guy who has never been beaten and wins," Peca told me.

Michael's eyes are wide as he discusses the movie and Stallone's role as a trucker who
travels the country for these competitions and winds up in Las Vegas for the
biggest tournament of his career, which will not only win him a new big rig, but
also help him regain custody of his son.

"He wears this dirty hat all the time, and he always turns it around when he's in a competition," Peca said of Stallone's character. "He says it's like turning a switch on in him."


Dan-O-Mite said...

Don Cherry: This crowd! This crowd! How could they lose with this crowd? That's ... This crowd!

mike w said...

I can't believe I missed the Peterson goal because I was at work proofreading an Atlas Energy release.

Dave said...

I've got a Henry Rollins book where he does this hilarious bit about how him and his best friend Joe would rent Over the Top all the time so they could perfect their Sly Stallone impersonations. They'd contort their faces and yell, "Ovah thuh tawp! Ya gotta go ovah the taaawp!" and then laugh hysterically.

That's right Oilers, ya gotta go... OVAH THA TAAAAAAAAAAAAAWP!

Well, not of the net, though...

Black Dog Hates Skunks said...

I love that Atlas Energy stuff.

That's good shit.

Dan-O-Mite said...

And so ends the first home Oilers playoff game that Don Cherry has been to since 1992 (I presume). They really sort of stopped playing for the last 15 minutes or so and got lucky, so I guess all we can do now is cross our fingers.

eun said...

Just in case some of you folks out east are unaware of just how into this whole playoff thing Edmonton is, according to today's Sun, Oilers fans have been drinking beer faster than the breweries can produce it. Check it:


Anonymous said...

Oh yes we sure drink it and we party hard as the Oilers romp thru stanley's tourny in fine fashion. On the blue mile with camera in tow, looking for some nice titty pics. I think that this city is totally deserving of this too as I can vividly remember losing the last 5 playoff series to Dallas since 98 while they always had that edge with a guy like Modano or Zubov to put them over the top. The Oil was always a just one player or step away.

But now with Pecker, Prongs, Sammy and Rollllllliiiiieeeeeee!!! OMG was he ever fu*king good again tonite. CAN you say M.V.P??? They were so tired and on their heels it was some scary shit when they made it 4-3 then 5-4. Crazy game for sure. He kept them in and they're now getting OVA THA TOP~!

But for real in the new era Kevin Lowe is really proving to be a genius, he knew what players to get on the market because he finally had the funds to do it. Lemme just say that these Oilers have now pretty much written a new page for hockey in the new era. The posterboy for sure imo. And it's fitting because we really do deserve it after all those shitty Dallas series.

Let's enjoy this euphoric bliss safely. no drinking and driving home muthafukas!!! Even if you only had a couple or a few. Be careful! COPS AND DEATH!

One more big win til the boys rest and Pecker's & Roli's return to Buff(ALA SOME stanley MUFF!) where we feast on Buffalo Burgers since we had wings for a snack, sharks for lunch, ducks for dinner. OMG this is tooooooooooooooooooooo much!


Slyce said...

Not the best Sly acting in Over the Top but he sure looks good in that one!!
(Why do we women love Sly so much!?? Visit my blog & leave a comment! We might gain some insite from it!)

- Slyce