Friday, May 26, 2006

Poor Linda Lovelace... that's no way to die.

Best search leading to a Covered in Oil hit today: Oilers "shit the bed."

Glad to see we come up number one and two on that. Also, I love Google's helpfully optimistic, "Did you mean Oilers 'shut the bed'?" Ha!

And don't get too wound up about tonight's loss, you confidence-maligning harbingers of doom. Tonight's loss was necessary. Like I said in an earlier post, the Oilers need to know what it feels like to lose to the Ducks in order to truly win. Make that your yoga mantra tomorrow morning.

Also, I'm not sure why, but this is one of the first five photos that comes up when you Google "shit the bed." Feel free to alert the authorities.


sacamano said...
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fish said...

I was drunk at a SEE party for the first period, so I didn't see any major sucking - until I left for the big screen at the Dog. The fucking sulking! The grim reek of doom on the streets weaving among hundreds of bored cops.

Mike's right, and all the sweep-callers were a bit overconfident - but look how we nearly came back. So stop worrying so much. I've been saying this over and over for a week: a sweep wouldn't do us much good. Practising and waiting for the final isn't nearly as beneficial as climbing the mountain against a real team.

We will prevail.

KBL said...


Doogie2K said...

Am I the only one wondering what the hell that picture has to do with beds, and the shitting thereof? I mean, there's a very tenuous connection, I guess, but...damn.

Doogie2K said...

Also, that dude looks a hell of a lot like Roger Abbott from Air Farce.

sacamano said...

Frankly that photo disturbs me. Honestly, it does.

On the basis of available evidence we can probably assume that he is a pervert, and those eyes are more than a little creepy. Like serial rapist creepy.

lowetide said...

Have loooonnng look at that photo boys. I find myself hitching my pants up a little farther every year just like this guy, and notice how stylin' the geezer was when doing up the belt.

ALL function, no style. This is why the aging process is so cruel. Plus if we knew the guy at all we could exhange stories about where hair is growing and where it is not.

GREAT photo. OUR future.

That is all.

WTF said...

It's funny that you're the first hit for "Oilers shit the bed" but not "covered in oil".

And I googled "Oilers are better than sex" and got Colby's page and not yours. So try to work that into one of your posts, cause God knows that could be a popular search in the next coming weeks