Sunday, May 7, 2006

Round 2 respite

Phew! Nice to take a little break and do normal things aside from watching hockey, like going to a movie, shopping like a giant metrosexual, drinking beer and watching the Blue Jays muster only four goddamn hits in a flaccid Saturday matinee performance against the Los Angeles Anaheim Angels of LA Anaheim California Angels (or whatever their name is now).

But the Oilers, huh? Is everyone ready to learn how to hate the names Christian Erhoff and Tom Preissing? Shit, I wish I watched more of that Nashville/San Jose series (is Ville Nieminen playing well?), but I'm not exactly a hockey watching cyborg, either, know-it-all hockey nerds. The painted Oilers crest on my chest is still drying, but I'm ready for tomorrow's big match, so, uh: Bring it!

Meanwhile, Jes Golbez is all over Bob MacKenzie's deluded appraisal of Mike Peca's likely impact in the upcoming series against the Sharks.
First, from Bob MacKenzie:

Peca is a predator on the ice, and with so many talented players on the Sharks roster, it will be a target-rich environment for the two-time Selke Trophy winner. With Thornton and Marleau at the other end, Peca will have every opportunity to create havoc and take those two opposing centres off their game
Then Jes:
Many different things on the ice? You mean like pile up a whopping ONE assist in 6 games with a -1? Watching Robert Lang pile up 6 points in 6 games while Roloson was peppered with shots? Where can I buy my own Michael Peca inaction figure? Does it come with a holdout feature? How about some love for Fernando Pisani (he who actually scored some goals), Shawn Horcoff (one of their best players), and Jarret Stoll? They also get heavy PK time and yet are hardly given nearly as much favourable press as Michael Peca.
Bingo-bango. Anyone watching Peca all season can see he has almost no acceleration, lateral movement or much of an accurate shot. After getting his knee blown away by a Darcy Tucker cheap shot a few years ago, this has been hardly surprising to everyone but Kevin Lowe. Now, this Peca dude is capable of good plays, has great hand-eye coordination and above average hockey sense, but he's nothing more than an elderly good luck charm at this point in his career. (Mike Peca, if you're by chance reading this on your laptop at a San Jose Hilton, please feel free to surprise me tomorrow, of course).

My point: Selke's are great, but if we're going to talk up the past we may as well throw MacT out there for all of the important faceoffs. Although at this point Peca's probably more valuable and less of a liability than, say, Marc-Andre Pouliot, the entirety of the Oilers' success this season (aside from Pronger) can be attributed to the great years all of the young 2nd and 3rd-year guys are having. To think that in July Kevin Lowe wanted Mark Messier taking up valuable ice time still sends shivers up my spine.


Anonymous said...

such a mystifying cross-section of hockey fandom in that pic...

sacamano said...

Well, I'd say that Smytty had himself a pretty good year, and Fernando isn't exactly a spring chicken, but yeah the young guys played pretty well -- although all of them had pretty significant slumps throughout the year.

Drz is right. That is mystifying.

James Mirtle said...

Wait a minute — MacT should be out there. Helmetless. His not-as-flowing locks would confuse the opposition.

Coluch said...

Peca = Faceoffs

Everything else that he does for the team is a bonus.