Tuesday, May 23, 2006

WHOO WHOO! All aboard the hubris train!

Man, so I don't know if it's because I just lost my job and am currently mired in a settlement negotiation process or what, but I'm having a really hard time getting up for this series. Remember the tightness in your chest just before a Detroit game? The nervous hand-wringing during a San Jose powerplay? Those were some seriously emotional times; every win seemed like a hard-fought miracle, and all we the bloggers could do was play our part by posting pictures of our ratty beards and willing the team onto victory with our collective mojo. Things are tangibly different gainst Anaheim — I can't help but feel that my efforts aren't needed, that the Oilers are doing just fine on their own. Much like Colby has been predicting all along, this has all the workings of an Edmonton sweep.

I know, I know: yikes! It's a scary thing to say. Surely, even this tempered sort of hubris has brought down greater teams than the 2006 Oil. But come on — can we not all agree that the Ducks thus far seem to be our easiest challenge yet? Can we not simply nod our heads and say that while they have some good scorers up front and a magical little elf called Scott Neidermayer singlehandedly holding up the back end, they simply don't have the depth it takes to roll four lines with the Oilers? I mean, fuck, don't we have anti-hubris credit banked from years of crossed-arm negativity and barstool grumbling to just feel a little cocky FOR ONCE? I think we do.

Tonight is going to be Anaheim's biggest game. They're going to bring it hard, because if the Oilers win tonight, this shit is over. I'm posting this from my former place of employment, so I don't have a camera with which to document my beard. I'll throw it up later — not that the Oil will need it as they go on to post a gritty 3-2 win at Rexall tonight.

Seriously people, this is a good team. Embrace it. Unless they lose, in which case we should never speak of this post again.



Jameso said...

You want hubris? Portugal is playing a series of tv ads showing the victory parade they expect if they win the World Cup. I think if the sports gods are picking targets, the Oilers are down the list a little.

Julian said...

This whole flu business has me very worried. Horcoff and Smith out tonight possibly? We can win without Torres and MAB, but those two?

I'm more nervous about this flu than I am about the ducks.

Coluch said...

Need I remind you Chris! that you are sounding eerily like a Sharks fan after their two games of domination over the Oil? Let us all hope that the orbs have mercy us after such rash comments, for you must know not what you say.

In the name of MacTavish, the Oil, and the Roli spirit.

Dan-O-Mite said...

On Edmonton Channel 18 right now they are showing the current city council meeting. This wouldn't be exceptional except for the fact that someone needs to tell the councillor who's wearing a Marchant jersey that he's a dumbass.

Steve said...

Dude, you reference Colby over and over yet nothing clickable! Throw a brother a link!