Monday, May 1, 2006

Whose House? Dave's House!

Keeping with the theme of, uh, African-American entertainers of the late '80s and early '90s, I thought I'd drop some Run on y'all.

More importantly, though, something rather important has come to my attention that I felt the need to share. Since I'm lazy, the easiest way to do this is in list form.

List of people who DO NOT have tickets to see Game 6:
Mike W
Any of these guys
Her Excellency the Right Honourable Michaƫlle Jean
Wayne Gretzky


List of people who DO have tickets to see Game 6

I promise a full game review, complete with crowd reaction, unless the Oilers win, in which case I will be very, very drunk at the Strathcona Hotel, possibly swearing loudly.

Give my regards to Mark Lee.


Steve said...

Hate to break it to you, Dave, but Heather actually *does* have said tickets, and I'm mightily jealous about it.

But at least I know the difference between "who's" and "whose".

jon said...

If the Oilers win (*knocks on wood*), someone should make an active attempt to track down Mr. Mark Lee following the game to harass him. Whipped cream pies should possibly be involved a la Ralph Klein.

Pleasure Motors said...

Curses! I'm fixing that right now, Steve.

Furthermore, though, your sister is hot.

mudcrutch79 said...

I'm pretty sure Vic Ferrari has tickets too.

And if we're unlucky enough for it to get that far, I will be representing the Oilogosphere at G7, greatest of the numbered games.

mike w said...

Thank god you're doing the game review: I bought another useless VCR, this time from a workmate (the remote doesn't work, thus its unprogrammable). I'm getting my money back, but I'll be working throughout most of the game. Damn.


the Prez said...

Hmmm...well I think tht Stephen got the looks in the family. I mean, look at the way his cheeks glow! Mr. Motors, what section are you in?

Eyeris said...

Win or lose, you're still fucking coming to the Strat to play hot nuts with us.

Pleasure Motors said...

Yeah, but if we lose, I'm coming home to vent my anger and frustration first, then I'm killing the pain. If we win, I will need to be physically restrained from having sex with inanimate objects.

Further, Heather, I don't know where I'm sitting yet. Perhaps call or e-mail, and we can meet up during the second intermission or something.

Paul O-the O stands for Sports said...

Dave, Add me to the list of People who have tickets, as well as to the list of "People who will mock Prusakowski mercilessly when we win."

Jameso said...

Can anyone tell me where I should be looking around for a good internet streaming-radio source for the game? I'm in England, and am a little short on sources of playoff hockey.

mike w said...

>Can anyone tell me where I should be looking around for a good internet streaming-radio source for the game?

630 CHED

Jameso said...

Had CHED lined up, but there's no way I'm getting up at 4 AM without checking.

sacamano said...

Yeah, but I think you actually have to go through the radio link.

Ken Bauer said...

OH YEAH!!!!!!!

Now I don't have to miss a game on a huge travel day (for me) on Wednesday!.

Yes, yes, yes!

HEMSKY awakes.

gsdgsd13 said...

Wow. That was amazing. Congrats to you guys.

Steve said...

I'm thrilled about the victory, but I still maintain that Edmonton didn't deserve the series. Teams that get outshot 17-2 in a second period that they enter tied don't deserve to win series. Neither do teams that cough up leads to inferior teams like Detroit did so consistently, mind you.

Point being that I think the Oilers stole this series, and I'm not sure any team's ever won the Cup by stealing four series. I think the play needs to improve markedly.


That is all.

Adamn! said...

So what if they got outplayed in the second? It's called a COMEBACK, and it was rad.

As for the next series(es?), the nice thing about knocking off the #1 seed is that our opponents will (on paper, anyway) only get easier for the next 2 rounds. That said, there's always room for improvement...

the Prez said...

Ooops, checked the comments too late. We were rocking section 231 with some 300 pound drunk guys in hockey helmets. Where did you end up?

Also, My ear is stained orange and I'm partially deaf, but it was worth it. Woooooooo!