Thursday, May 11, 2006


Edmonton 3
San Jose 2

Too tired to type and I HAVE to get up early. But the Oilers fight their way back into the series, sans Ryan Smyth's lower premolars. Even Torres' late third comeback goal seems so long ago, and Georges Laraque's Game Misconduct is literally yesterday's news.

It's an uphill battle for sure, but the Oilers finally found a way to outplay this crafty San Jose team (can we have a Bernier?), which is certainly a lot better than being an Ottawa Senators fan right now. And how about Jarret Stoll's 71 per cent in the faceoff dot? Or Roloson's save on Cheechoo?

I was going to do a beautiful PhotoShop rendering of an Oil drop humping the shit out of a shark, but alas, bedtime.


Anonymous said...

Adam Oates must be smiling from beyond the grave at that faceoff percentage. His legacy in E-town lives on!

sacamano said...

If only Dopita hadn't left us Dvorak.

bigleaguer said...

I remember that Dvorak once scored 30 for the mad trappers of Florida, but I don't know how!
Oh yeah, Laraque, five minutes for checking!

Dave said...

Hockey 'til 3AM T.O. time! Had a gut ache from two-plus overtime periods of nerve-rattling excitement, made worse by too much caffeine late at night, and I was unable to sleep when I did get to bed -- heart pounding. Totally over-tired and useless at work today. Totally fucking worth it. Man, that game rawked.

case said...

i want someone to throw a plush toy shark with beef attached/tied to it during the u.s. anthem next game. or a dead shark. or a live shark and then harpoon it. or a shark and a lion so the lion fights it and eats it. that would rule.

the game was awesome. i'm still drunk from last night.