Thursday, June 29, 2006

Big Georges, we love thee

At least a 250 lb underperforming enforcer still likes us:

"I'm willing to bite the bullet. I want everybody to know that I love the city, the city will always be my home. Even though it looks like I'm going to another team, I'm always going to have my house in Edmonton."

"It's frustrating me like crazy," said the 29-year-old. "When you have guys who bleed copper and blue and actually want to stay here ... I thought the team wanted players who want to stay. Then you don't have to worry about whether or not they're going to leave.
I bleed for this team. I have for nine years. I devoted myself to the community. I tell everyone that if I'm not here this year it's not because I don't want to be here.

Ah, le GG, I hope as much as you do that the Oilers can find a way to keep you on the team, especially at a reduced price ($500,000?). Fourth liners are pretty much interchangeable anyway, right? Why not have one of them be an all-time crowd favourite and reigning undisputed pugilist champ of the NHL?

~From the SUN


Swabbubba said...
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Swabbubba said...

Oops some real bad typos. I like GG he always seems interested to play. I think he can give 7-10 minutes a night. The refs in the league need to watch what happens to him just because he is a big forward does not mean the opposing D can get away with the holding, hooking crap all the time... Sign him Kevin

Anonymous said...

I felt really bad for Georges after seeing the front page of the Sun today, and it almost made forget that he might have been the worst player in the NHL this year. Two goals? Come on Georges.

But the way this offseason is going, if you've got a guy who WANTS to be in Edmonton, hold on to him for dear life. We could do worse. Put him on a line with Rob Schremp and see what happens.

(March, 2007. Following a tough 4-3 OT loss to Calgary/Vancouver/Colorado)

GEORGES: Robert! Join us at the Iron Horse tonight!
SCHREMP: (quietly muttering obscenities) ... FUCK FUCK FUCK FUCK!!!



Kel said...

I've always loved this guy... Lead hands but you have to love him anyway.

Anonymous said...

With a pay cut they just may find room for the big guy. I certainly hope they do. Yeah, the goals are few and far between, but he's a big reason Torres can run around as a wrecking ball.

- Rod

Doogie2K said...

KL may even be waiting to sign him until he knows what the rest of his budget will be. You'd think he'd at least give le GG a quick ring and say, "hey, look, I'm really busy right now trying to keep the team from collapsing in around my ears, but we really do want you back, just hang tight, and we'll get you signed as soon as my heart palpitations go away." Or something like that.

Certainly, while #27 won't be going to the rafters on his account, he's one of those guys you'd rather have with you than against you. He may not contribute much outside his specialty, but it's hard to argue with that kind of team spirit.