Friday, June 2, 2006

Chill, says Laraque

Our friend The DRZ over at the ridiculously named Liverquest blog has posted his latest Vue Weekly column, mostly on the clucking tongues disapproving of the rowdy post-victory celebrations on Whyte Avenue:

"Hey, papers? Here’s a little news item for you to check out next time you moan aloud about Why All The Hooliganism. Look back at years, decades, a century of regularly placing sports above news. Look at fan-goading articles like the Sun’s front-page “Why can’t Edmonton party like Calgary?” piece from early in the Detroit series. Look at the sport-rhetoric of war, battle, combat, victory, legacy, history and fascist tribal pride that fills your pages and pocketbooks. Look at broadcast fireballs, light shows, laser-beams, hard-rock soundtracks and ADD computer graphics. Look at a marketed culture that for years has thrived on turning people into beer-buying, merchandise-hoarding automatons, screaming open wallets. Look at a culture where the Oilers are the most important people on the planet, their success or failure the most important issue facing humanity. Now, you moaning pussies, you tell me where the fuck this mob comes from. Go, Oilers!"
(That and from what I understand there's only been dozens of arrests out of thousands of drunk fans milling, giving high fives and showing off the odd tit, so it seems pretty reasonable to me, considering.)


Anonymous said...


Coluch said...

Double Amen.

Good article on the OIL-CANES connections

PS- If I hear one more person say "None of you in your wildest dreams expected the Oilers to make it this far, so don't pretend you did... blah blah blah" I say FUCK YOU. SERIOUSLY. I called it and I have physical proof.

Before the playoffs began (indeed before the Oil had even qualified) I made a dated/signed/witnessed declaration that the Oilers would win the Stanley Cup in 2006, and I have never done such a thing before, ever. I'm not asking for kudos or recognition for the prediction, but the fact is that I saw the fire burning in the playoff race and knew Roli had a great playoff record previously. The Oil adapted to the Canucks in their 3-game stint, and played better each game, surely winning a 7 game series, and showing serious playoff potential. I believed my prediction wholeheartedly then, and I'm sure there were others, so stop telling me/us what we thought. Sorry, but I had to finally get that off my chest. Too many fans trying to impose their doubt on a believer gets annoying as hell.

I could still be wrong obviously, but I don't care if I'm wrong. I care if they win the cup, and they will.

Earl Sleek said...

Note to self: next year get 30 'predictions' notarized, then start writing the POST OF THE YEAR.

Anonymous said...

that's a really lame commentary (see rant). 'automatons'? 'marketed culture'? and with that last sentence he waved goodbye to any serious consideration ('you moaning pussies'). think about what you're writing and how it represents yourself. the whole idea of looting because your team wins some hockey games is ENTIRELY inexcusable. take responsibility, instead of simply getting angry or looking for someone/thing to blame.

Zanstorm said...

too bad the last post was 'anonymous'. Put a name to your post, it was a beauty! I agree almost completely

CASE said...

i think the DRZ was thinking about was he was writing. it just wasn't ENTIRELY meant to be used as mouthwash for your pussy breath. however, we should be responsible all the time. you're RIGHT!

Randy in the Med Hizzo said...

Perhaps DRZ and DrFrank are actually the dopplegangered reincarnation of Frank Zappa... Dr. Frank Zappa!!!
Let's hope.
PS- Not really about hockey, I know. But somewhat funny.

mike w said...

>the whole idea of looting because your team wins some hockey games is ENTIRELY inexcusable.

Ah, anonymous: is that really what Zenko is saying? Nope, it isn't.