Saturday, June 24, 2006

Draft Day: suddenly interesting!

Boy, just when you thought you didn't have care about draft day with the Oilers without a first-round pick, off goes our franchise defenceman all saying he's sad and wants a trade.

Surely, I speak for all of us when I say, "fuh-uck," but really, there's still so much we don't know about the Pronger situation, but surely we can all agree it sounds bad. Personally, I don't buy the whole "family not happy" angle, as it hasn't been publicly confirmed by either side, and Pronger surely discussed the move with his wife before agreeing to a six-year commitment last summer. But now reports are saying he wants out for "personal and professional" reasons, and again, I have trouble buying it. What professional problems could there be? Is this team not clearly committed to winning? Why would a franchise defenceman request a trade four days after coming within a game of winning the Stanley Cup, from a team that is only a few puzzle pieces from realizing his dream and that gives him all the ice time he could ever want to make it happen with? I just don't get it.

There's an X factor here that the public will probably never find out about, and I hope for our own sanity this doesn't get twisted into some absurd "player humps other player's wife" and/or "mistress surfaces, wife gets sad" urban legend. I'm sure things like this do actually happen, but yeah.

But whatever it is, the ball is in Lowe's court now. A contract is a contract, and he can tell Pronger to either suck it up and do what we pay him to do, or move him when the time is right. As Pierre McGuire notes on TSN, this is not a hopeless situation for the Oilers to be in. Whether we react immediately and flip Pronger today, or bide our time and wait until the teams start getting desperate heading into March, we're going to get something big. Like Grabia, I think we should move him sooner than later. We need stability if we're going to make a run at some UFAs this summer.

It's just a damn shame, is all.

Anyhow, it'll be a busy day at the draft, Prongs or no. Follow the rumours with Spector here.


Anonymous said...

My question is this. I ask this because I work in the media and from I can ascertain others who post on and read this blog seem to as well. Where in the hell was the Edmonton media in all of this? At best, they're so completely clued out that they didn't know the team's best player was not happy. At worst, they knew and chose to sit on the story.
Oh yeah, I just got an email from a Canucksfan friend who suggested the Oilers trade Pronger to Latteland because "he might enjoy a parade on Robson Street in June".
I know, they'll get something for him, but's it's all so bloody disheartening.

Colm in Belfast

lowetide said...


I think this became public because the player and his agent wanted it to and it came from outside the city because the player and the agent have stronger ties to media outside the city (read: ESPN St. Louis).

mudcrutch79 said...

Always worth mentioning that the Edmonton media are by and large tools of EIG though.

Anonymous said...

How about this theory:

Members of the Oilers roster that grew playoff beards are probably a safe bet that they have team pride and therefore want to stay.

Pronger didn't even try; Peca shaved his off frequently.

Pisani grew a giant beard so I think he's a safe bet; he loves Edmonton and will sign.

Just a thought. You never know.

Anonymous said...

I know: Pronger for Gaborik. Ooor...if the Slag wants to be in St. Louis, work a three way deal with the Sabres, sending the first pick to Buffalo in exchange for Biron and Afinogenov, then flipping those two to the Oilers for Pronger.

I dunno. This shit is crazy. But someone somewhere (BoA?) said that's life in the new NHL. One franchise guys like Ryan Smyth or Stevie Y are things of the past.

Also: fuck.

-Little Fury