Sunday, June 11, 2006

How do you relief? E-A-T-I-T-H-U-R-R-I-C-A-N-E-S.

Holy shit, did we ever need that. I had a post lined up that actually broke down what went well with the game tonight, but I accidentally deleted it —but really, do you need me to tell you? Everything the Oilers needed to do right they did. We scored the first goal. Every time we touched the puck in our own end, the play slowed down. Despite some nerve-wracking wandering, Jussi came up big in ways I previously thought impossible. We scored a garbage goal — this is a bigger success than some may realize.

Fuck it. I'm drunk, we won, I'm going to bed. This series is not over yet.

Thanks to Alana for the photo!


Coluch said...

Moreau's goal would've been a scandal of Brett Hull proportions if the Oil had lost the game! I still like Mick though, he's a damn good ref other than this (his first that I've seen) fuck up.

Other things I learned tonight:
1) The classic game that was on afterwards was embarrasing for the Bruins!
2) It took Bill Ranford a painfully long time to get the cork out of his champagne bottle...
3) I cannot afford it, but someone here Has to buy THIS


lowetide said...

Geez Louise that's a Jim Harrison jersey. He can't afford it either which is a damn shame.

Me said...

I agree - Jussi made my heart stop each time he even stuck a toe outside of the crease. We're lucky one of his little trips didn't screw us. However, when he stayed in goal, he was wicked awesome. Keep it up guys!