Tuesday, June 13, 2006

"I think I'll drop by the bank on my way home and learn more about mutual funds!"

So says this glorious suburban hero, this unrelenting champion of the Oilers, this unfailing booster of Dvorak, this playoff-beard-growing superfan and family man extraordinaire. At least, that's what he's saying in my mind. Who knows what the hell he's really thinking. Probably something more like, "I want waffles."

Anyhow, look at this dadly fellow, with his button-down collar and comfy recliner — does he seem like one who would dedicate his entire year to observing and dissecting every twist and turn of this tumultuous Oilers team? Doesn't this man he have better things to do? Like worry about property taxes or something?

Thankfully, if he did indeed have more pressing affairs to attend to than maintaining the northern half of the brilliant Battle of Alberta, Hugh Sacamano selflessly cast them aside to grace the Oilogosphere with smart, wittily engaging criticism the likes of which we may never see again.

Mike and I have said it before on the comments over at BoA, but it's doubtful that our blog would have ever gotten off the ground without all the support from Hugh and his Flames-lovin' cohort Matt Fenwick during our shaky early months. For that, we thank you. Sac's commentary on BoA has always been the dependable, sober yin to our inconsistent, over-emotional alcoholic yang — your contributions and, yes, in an odd we've-never-met way, your friendship, will be dearly missed.

Take care, Hugh, and good luck to you and yours in merry olde England. I hear they have lorries there.



Matt said...

Actually, I'm pretty sure he's thinking, "I sure hope she's not cutting off the elephant plate." Thanks for the love. I'm sad. Bored, and sad.

Andy Grabia said...

I don't mean to digress from the Sacamano love-in, but isn't about time we try out Robbie?

Chris! said...

Shit, you're too fast for me, Andy! Just read and linked to you guys five seconds ago.

Colby Cosh said...

I can tell you exactly what that guy's thinking. "I'm a serious, responsible scholar with a Ph.D. and an excellent track record of publications! I would make a fine candidate for your university's newest, most lucrative tenure-track teaching position!"