Monday, June 5, 2006


Carolina 5
Edmonton 4

MacT on Roloson's injury status:

"From what I'm told, it's very similar to what Dvorak had."

Of course, that means our worst nightmare: our rock and roll goaltender is out for the series. Good god. Nails bitten to the quick.

Clearly, Ty Conklin can't play as a starter ever again. The loser is lovable for his Ziggy-like ways, but playing this guy and his .880 AHLesque SVP isn't exactly fair, and hockey is famous for its cruelty (just ask Sabre fans).

On the plus side, my testicles have fully ascended back into my stomach cavity, transforming me into a castrato with a pitch perfect mezzo-soprano singing voice that makes doves explode into a cloud of feathers. The pain is real, and why not revel in it? There's a tender macho-ness in playoff pain, not unlike the single-tear feeling that comes from bench pressing 160 lbs. So fuck it.

But Oilers fans, worry not, I have a few reasons to be optimistic:

- Number one, and above all, I have not seen so many Oilers 2 on 1s in a game in this playoffs, let alone a series. Carolina doesn't exactly play defence, especially their forwards (hello Whitney, you dumb fuck? Eric Staal?), and it was nice to see Smyth, Moreau etc blow by Ward and Commodore so cleanly

- The Oilers got off their game once they got the lead, something they've done in the past, although this time it was a matter of some bad pinches and an unwillingness to slow the game down (unlike with Anaheim, where the Oilers were helplessly hanging on by their teeth for minutes at a stretch)

- Cam Ward played great, but he was still .890 on the game and also gave up enormous rebounds, something that Markkanen also does well, so I'm still hopeful that our defence will be the edge (Cam Ward is still a Conklin-esque .882 regular season goalie that's been pulled two times this post-season)

- We have Pronger, and Pisani came back at least

- The Oilers are no strangers to comebacks

Of course it still hurts like a bitch to let in 4 third period goals. Suddenly, like a rubber-ball-in-mouthed masochist, I can't wait until Wednesday to see what happens next.

Tell-tale post game quote: Pronger saying that he had full confidence in his goalies, but Markkanen was the first goalie that came off his lips. He will start Wednesday night, obviously.


Michael Turner said...

Should Conklin really be considered the one, true sacrifical lamb, though? It's true, he and Smyth (it was Smyth, right?) absolutely fubared and miscommunicated when he was trying to backhand the puck from behind the net ... but the reality is that none of this would have ever happened were it not for Bergeron's overzealous hit on a 'Canes player, and the ensuing crash in to Roloson and the net as a result.

I'd rather Bergeron shoulder what happened as a catalyst, and not Conklin for a flukey mistake in a clutch situation. He was all but thrown in to the lions den without warning.

DrFrankLives said...

We would prefer to beat you with Roloson. I'm really bummed he got hurt.

I hope you saw the fans in the arena applauding when he got up, not when he went down.

He's a hell of a goalie.

And we have one, too.

mike w said...

From what I've seen tonight: you guys do have good fans.

Anaheim felt like a library compared to Raleigh.

Anonymous said...

Bergeron and Greene have been the worst Defensive pair to over the playoffs! Something bad always happens when they are on the ice. It's just it didn't matter until now because somehow Roli saved us!

I hate to agree with Cherry but its true Bergeron had a terrible game... and to top it off he injured the Roli!

I still Believe... Somehow Some WAY we are going to get this one Done... Bring on Jussi! Go Oilers!

Oil Fan in Van :o)

Coluch said...

3 quick points and I will go, because I'm stunned, and unable to think clearly.

1) It was Jason Smith that snuck up on Conklin. Granted Ty hasn't played in 2 months, you're bound to have miscues when a fresh goalie plays the puck (Roli had the same problems after the trade until he got a sense of how the Oil defense plays). But i think Smith only came back so far because he was playing over-cautiously SPECIFICALLY BECAUSE it was Conklin in net... kind of paradoxical, and definitely frustrating.

2) I am disgusted that players (umm, Bergeron, AKA Berge-be-gone) are STILL hitting attackers into their own goalies. A TIP: Take the body earlier, or sacrafice yourself for the play. NEVER put the goalie in harms way to save a shot. I've seen this happen to Roli 20 times or more these playoffs, and everytime it's been angering!

3) Finally, we have two options. 'Panic Mode' which features such lovable quirks as crying in the corner and abandoning solid rushes because the risk of a turnover OR 'Pre-Deadline Mode' and finally getting a shitload more shots on net than the opposition. Last time Jussi and Ty couldn't get the job done, the team just played as if they had NO goalie at all, and it almost worked, but that style game never saw action against the 'canes, so who knows what could happen.

Anyway, I agree with everything Mike said here. Carolina's D was almost as lame as Ben Mulroney's television career, and that's no small feat. GOILERS! Die Carolina Mulroneys!

Anonymous said...

Conklin should never play hockey again. If he shows up at a local beer league, the players would be all " thanks, we'll use the Shooter Tutor." He's done. Finished. Kaputt. Don't even let him on the flight back to Edmonton for the inevitable Gmae 3 and 4 losses: let him find his own way from Raleigh to Fucktardville, SK. or wherever he's from. The worst of it is the Hurricanes are shit. Garbage. A crappy team (and ugly to boot: between Staal and Brindamour, they look like a burn victim unit) that benefited from one of the most monumental bed-shittings in Cup history. Look, Conklin will be lucky if he ever sees blue ice again, but there's no excuse for dropping four straight goals against a medicocre team like the 'canes. None. And now...well, that's it, innit it? They're done. Carolina in four. Enjoy it, you fucking hillbillies, you Civil War-losing, Bush-loving douchebags. In fact: choke on it.

DrFrankLives said...

"the worst of it is the Hurricanes are shit. Garbage. A crappy team."

I guess that explains how they put 4 past Roloson before he got hurt?

Here's a hint, we played like ass and you couldn't keep us down. Then we figured your goalie out. Then we took the lead.

THEN your goalie got hurt. Not the other way around.

mike w said...

Careful about picking a fresh scabs on an Oilers blog, Dr. Frank ...

Although the more bitter, knee jerk anti-Carolina, anti-American venting is better suited for HF Boards, I'm not surprised to see it bubble up on this blog. It's better than lighting a phone booth on fire or stabbing someone's mom, I guess.

But yeah: it's a tough loss, making for light sleep for at least a few beer-soaked Edmonton Oilers fans tonight.

kubiak said...

As a long time Hurricanes fan (I made the trip to Greensboro regularly, dammit!) I just want to say that I hate that Roloson got hurt. I've been impressed by the Oilers throughout the playoffs, and I wish that it could be our best against your best. I've got nothing but respect for the way he played, and it's a damn shame to see him out of the series. (Especially on a flukey play like that.)

I also appologize for our national anthem singer. She's cute, but that's about it. Still, the crowd knew most of the words to the Canadian anthem, I was a little proud of that.

Cool blog, btw! I've been reading it pretty much since the Oil took the lead in the Red Wings series.

DrFrankLives said...

Not trying to pick wounds. I'm bummed the guy's hurt, because he made for a great story.

I really do think the Canes would have been able to beat him, and now we'll never know. And after a week of listening to Sabre blogs say "we woulda won if..." I hate that another chance to be considered a truly great team may have been taken away from the Canes by an injury to the other team.

But I hardly think the Oilers will dry up and blow away. Any team with Pronger (a beast tonight) and Hemsky (what. a. freaking. goal.) is going to be tough.

By the way, I don't think that last goal was Conklin's fault. Seems Smith misplayed that one, not the goalie.

mike w said...

>I also appologize for our national anthem singer.

Yeah. Singing in key should be standard for all anthem singers.

>And after a week of listening to Sabre blogs say "we woulda won if..."

I hope as much as you that Covered in Oil never has to resort to posting an opinion along those lines, sour grapes and all.

theDrizzler said...

I'm not so bothered by the cutesy, out of tune singing, but come on sweetie, you're on TV, dye your fucking roots already.

Black Dog Hates Skunks said...

drfrank - never mind that message board ass and his garbage up above - the Canes were full value for the win - I think everyone recognizes that they are a good, deep team with a lot of talent. Also, Ward was the difference, imo.

Luckily just one game and in normal circumstances it would suck but we could move along but the loss of Roloson is a tough one to swallow