Monday, June 5, 2006

Oilers adored by vampires and zombies alike

It seems that even the venerable Toronto-based horror culture magazine Rue Morgue has contracted a deadly strain of Oilers Fever. From the "thank you" box in the masthead of the issue currently on stands:

And a thank YOU to Dave Afor the shout-out!


Anonymous said...

Dear God, you cursed Roli! WHY?! WHY!?

Zanstorm said...

You should get a new job as a prophet...Roli is done! Yeesh!

Dave said...

Ah, as tempting as it is to dig up such mumbo jumbo, this issue was around before the Oil won the last series, so you might be better off consulting yer bingo dabbers and blue-haired troll dolls if looking for a supernatural scapegoat. Or something.