Saturday, June 17, 2006


For your consideration, ladies and gentlemen, a story by the lovely Kristine, who's working for the Canadian Press this summer. Looks like Becketts got horny for the Cup a little too early:

EDMONTON (CP) _ In the world of publications that went to print a little too early, Dewey defeated Truman and the Carolina Hurricanes have already won the Stanley Cup.

About 60,000 copies of the influential monthly magazine Beckett Hockey are currently being printed with the front cover proclaiming `` 'Canes capture the Cup!''

While the series will be decided by the time the magazine about NHL collectibles hits stands in Canada and the United States late next week, there's a chance the headline _ next to photos of Eric Staal, Cam Ward and the Stanley Cup _ could be totally wrong.

The issue had to be sent to the printers the morning after the second game of the series, says editor Al Muir. At that point, Edmonton had lost the first and second games and star goaltender Dwayne Roloson was out of the playoffs with a serious knee injury.

``It certainly looked like a safe bet that the Hurricanes would go on to win the Cup,'' said Muir from Dallas.

``Edmonton lost their MVP-calibre goaltender in game one, and they looked frazzled getting blown out in game two, and at that point it looked pretty safe. But here we are three games later, and we've got a series on our hands.''

While Muir isn't cheering for either team, he says he can't help but hope Carolina wins for the sake of his magazine's credibility.

But he remains optimistic that the issue will sell well no matter how the series ends.

``I think there's certainly an element of collectibility that will come along with this if Edmonton pulls it off,'' he says.

``People enjoy curiosities and this would certainly be something that they could remember years down the road, where we ended up with a little egg on our faces. It'll be a unique item.''

Hockey players and fans are known as a superstitious bunch and the story has prompted comments from both teams, including Oilers President Patrick LaForge.

``I've already heard from the Oilers that they're using it for motivation, and the Hurricanes are concerned that we're going to put a curse on them with the cover,'' says Muir. ``But it's a magazine cover. I think the game will ultimately be decided on the ice and not by what we print.''

Muir predicts the Oilers will take game six, which will be played in Edmonton on Saturday.

If they do go on to win the Cup, it won't be the first time a publication has gone to print with an erroneous headline. In 1948, the Chicago Daily Tribune ran the famous headline ``Dewey defeats Truman'' when, in fact, Harry Truman had defeated Thomas Dewey in the U.S. presidential election.


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Colby Cosh said...

WAIT A SECOND. Are you telling me that the saucy broad who's fondling your beard condescendingly in that old post is the one who broke this HUGE, KARMA-ALTERING story on the CP wire? I cannot compute this. If the preliminary indications are correct I am going to have to MURDER YOU and derive strength from eating your brain. Or something.

Jared said...

It's already impacting the collectibles of Staal and Ward says the cover...

Black Dog Hates Skunks said...

saucy broad?


channelling Dean Martin?

julian said...

so where's the oilfans in TO meetup gonna be tonight? Is there a regular place?

Alana said...

Yes! Where should we watch the game? Paupers? Somewhere else?

Chris! said...

I can't tell if you're angry or thrilled, Colby. I'll just go with "manic."

Randy at the Wed Hizzo said...

Hot damn. Nice one K-Dog. I'm hoping for the longest game in NHL history tonight, only because I'm going to a wedding, with British people who wouldn't understand ducking out of the reception.
In other news... Go Ghana!!!