Monday, June 19, 2006

Western Champs After-Party

Give us the blue ribbon: Easily the gayest photo ever on a hockey blog.
But we live in Toronto so deal with it, suckers.

Real Edmontonians, real people, real times, real feelings.

A surprisingly straightlaced-looking Tyler from MC79hockey joins the debauched CinO crew for the Champagne sendoff. You still owe me a Blue Jays game. MC.

Thanks for the snaps, Alana.

(I can't believe I mostly spilt a $50 bottle of Champagne into my shirt).


Loxy said...

Tyler is fucking hot. Ya, I may be drunk. I'm surprised I can type.

sacamano said...

I can't believe that we didn't all put in orders for those French Fork pennants. Those are so sweet.

Covered in Soil said...

The Horror, The Horror... You guys cant be celebrating, honestly. Not now.

My heart is broken.

Colby Cosh said...

Actually, the prize for Gayest Photo Ever On A Hockey Blog goes to image #3. From right to left, we have a hairy-chested artist getting bukkake'd, a bearded man who is forming the international facial expression meaning please wedge a giant penis into my gullet at once, and... well, Tyler, who is neglecting the immediate action but seems inordinately keen on some sort of nebulous erotic possibility. I'm 41% queer just from looking at this image.*

*Original quotient: 29%

Chris! said...

Hey man, if I played a role in making an Edmonton fan 12 per cent more gay, then I've done my job.

Colby Cosh said...

It breaks down pretty evenly, but Winters gets a little extra credit for not dodging the money shot.

Andy Grabia said...

Did the whole Gateway crew just get up and move? It's like the Toronto Rapture.

mudcrutch79 said...

On the gay topic, they didn't post pics of this, but between photos, Chris and Mike were making out.

I have to say, looking at these pictures today, at the very least it was a fun year for the Oilogosphere. My friend from last night who works for the Jays thinks you're hilarious Mike-we'll catch a game in July.