Tuesday, June 13, 2006

When there's nothing left to burn, you have to set yourself on fire.

The boys at Sports Matters have posed a question so obvious yet so glaringly brilliant that I wish we had thought of it first:

With nothing left to lose and the Oilers basically digging their own graves with their dismal powerplay, why not dress Rob Schremp in Game 5?

You're right, Andy. I love it.

UPDATE: Grabia's comment to his own post is too priceless to let slip by:

Maybe I'm being hopelessly romantic here, but does anyone else get excited by the thought of Robbie scoring two powerplay goals, getting the 1st star, and then skating out and giving the Carolina crowd two middle fingers? God, I get a half-chub just thinking about it. He could replace Petr Klima in Oilers lore as the greatest livesaver of all time.
Seems there's still some fight in these Oilers fans yet.


Dave said...

Hell, if he'll actually take some shots at the net during the PP, instead of endlessly passing the puck until the two-minutes are up, go for it.

And, as generally a bad idea as it is to agree with Cherry, unleash Laraque for some more ice time. Speaking of which, anyone check out his website, recently?


It's hilarious, especially the story in the Away From the Rink section about the bar party for the launch of his site. The last line:
"A great evening, and in Georges words when he arrived, 'Wow, the room is full!'"


case said...

i saw him play in the preseason. first star in his first game which was agaist calgary. maybe should have put him in right after rollie's injury.

it ain't over yet.

Andy Grabia said...

We need to get this idea out. I am convinced he would "rise" to the occasion, "save" the Oilers, and become known as "The Hockey Jesus" for all time.

RiversQ said...

Oooo, give it up for Stars.

Simpsonite said...

Can't put Robbie in...as much as it would rock...can't do it...I don't think he is on the roster for the tourney, nor can he skate fast enough. It was why they sent him back to Jr in the first place.

Don't count out the Oil yet...they can still do it!