Monday, June 12, 2006


Six weeks of playoff hockey and my nerves are shot. Gotta stay cool, like Petr Klima getting benched for practically all of Game 1 of the 1990 Cup Finals, only to score the leisurely winner on his first shift in triple Overtime. Some say the man had ice in his veins, although many more said he was a superlazy floater with absolutely no guts and Messier probably hated him. Whatever it takes.


Steve said...

I assume that by "ice", you mean "methamphetamines".

Alana said...

You captured Klima's hockey hair perfectly, Mike!

taulpaul said...

The genius of saving a clutch scorer for whom speed is a big part of his game was something that only the Muck could have teed up... or maybe Mess just hated him!

btw Mess' reception at Rexall brought a tear to my eye. There is a big love in Rexall.

sacamano said...

You watch, it will be Dvorak this year. Oh yes, it will be Dvorak.

case said...

I heard MacT is entertaining the notion of wearing Klima's helmet on the bench for the rest of the series. Sounds lucky to me.
Before the Comrie/Salo's wife yada yada yada, does anybody else remember the rumour about Bride'Afrankensteinmour's wife sleeping with Recci in Philly?

Quote of the day:
I watched part of the "Copper and Blue Celebration" today on cbc. One of the members of the oiler ownership group was speaking about some of the previous oiler captains. How they handed out fines for inappropriate behaviour to oiler players. One incident mentioned was Doug Weight fining himself for getting a picture of himself kissing his wife in the oiler dressing room. Not appropriate i guess. The penalty?(said on air in front of a crowd of senior citizens and kids)

"A one hundred dollar fine for being a pussy in public."

I love this team. How appropriate.

jon said...

Hey, all I have to say is, who was the Oilers' best player in NHLPA 92' for the Sega Genesis? Petr Klima. Instant deke cheats!

Anonymous said...

Never has an 8th seed made it to the SCF. check

Never has a penalty shot been scored in the SCF. check

Never has a team battled back from a 3-1 deficit in the SCF.

Just Believe! Go Oilers!

Anonymous said...

What a crappy way to lose the game. No scoring in the 3rd... and really not even that many chances. That Staios pinch on the pk(feed from Rem) was close but really... wtf couldnt we get any better chances? Is the canes defense really that good? OMG. I don't know. Give them credit for the trapping shit and the win but come on Oil you gotta be better than that. And Marks was awesome in net again. Hmmm really weird how Roli went out and he has played 3 excellent games and the boys failed to cash in.

And I was kind of surprised at first by how Hrudey said with like 8 minutes left that he didn't like the "body language" of the Oil. And I have to admit that he was right. They didn't seem very confident and assertive in their game in the 3rd. FUCK. What a missed opp./nowwehavetobeatthemincarolinaorwearedonefuck!!!

This will be the true test of resiliency. Let's see how BAD they want that Cup?