Friday, July 21, 2006

Ah, the dignity of our golden years...

I know this came out last night, but in the interests of closure, I feel obligated to note that Florida has withdrawn its offer of a one-year, $1.5-million contract to goaltender ancien Ed Belfour for reasons undisclosed. Sounds like he managed to pass the physical, so something else must have cropped up during negotiations... uh, like his birth certificate.

Hopefully, Belfour reads the writing on the wall and saves a little face by packing it in. Or, if he's really that desperate, maybe he can go see if Doug McLean wants to add a fifth goalie into his system in Columbus. There's always a vacant spot in front of Conklin.

Unrelatedly, if you haven't already, look the fuck at this.


mike w said...

>something else must have cropped up during negotiations... uh, like his birth certificate.

He he!

Old people suck! In with the new! (In this case, the proudly patriotic Robbie Schremp and his basket shorts)

Anonymous said...

Florida is where you go to retire though

Black Dog Hates Skunks said...

Saw a lot of Belfour this season - thing is - unlike Hasek, he's not even good anymore. I remember when everyone was going apeshit when the Oilers got Roloson instead of him. Its 2006, not 1996.





Why would anyone be interested in him again?

Michael Turner said...

Sadly, I could see it happening. Here's hoping MacLean spends whatever money Belfour could make on something, you know, worthwhile.

Like some video games! Maybe Metal Gear Solid, some NHL '07, and throw in a little Resident Evil 4 for good measure.

Video games > Ed Belfour.

Doogie2K said...

Video games > Ty Conklin, and yet there he is, wearing the silks of an NHL franchise half the league doesn't even remember exists. Seriously, they're the one team I always forget about.

Michael Turner said...

Ah well. So Columbus is forgotten and ignored. No use being upset about it, right? Whether my team is ignored or revered, I enjoy following them and will gladly continue to, lack of acknowledgement be damned.

Chris said...

Poor Columbus, they have a few nice players like Nash, and Zherdev but Nash was hurt last year and apparantly Zhervdev is considering heading back to Russia. Hopefully for the fans there, MacLean at least drafts well.

Colby Cosh said...

I only recently got it straight in my head that the Blue Jackets are in Columbus, OH, not Columbus, GA.

Um... they are in Ohio, aren't they?

Colby Cosh said...

Fuck. Now I'm thinking Iowa? If people would quit mentioning that mind-raping Schrempian ballhammock I could maybe think straight.

By the way, when we were arguing about nicknames for Schremp, how come nobody suggested "Detlef"? That's obviously got to be the one, doesn't it?

Michael Turner said...

"Um... they are in Ohio, aren't they?"

No way, man. Columbus, Nebraska! Cornhusker Nation!

Okay, that may've been corny (ooh, that was worse). Anyway, it's funny so few people know about Columbus. And not even hockey-wise, but in general. It's bigger than Cleveland by almost 300,000 people, is the capital, and also has the Ohio State Buckeyes (OSU is right in the city). It's probably because this is their first professional team ever, and nothin' says recognition like a pro sports team ... usually.