Monday, July 3, 2006

Chris Pronger Press Conference

Pronger dodges Dan Barnes' "personal matter" question by calling it a, uh, personal matter, and denies the rumours. Ah, such clarity.

Thanks the fans for being supportive, asks for understanding, says it has nothing to do with the city or the fans. Says again he hopes we understand, but still doesn't outline what there is to understand.

His answer to Mark Connoly's question makes it sound like this was maybe a decently long-term thing, earlier than maybe the Olympics. Pronger then puts hands over his head and dodges a direct question about whether this had anything to do with Edmonton as a city, which makes me think that at least has some part of it.

Brilliant question by Rob Tchykowski: "How does leaving Edmonton make things better?" Pronger's response basically sounds like his family didn't like it here.

Followed by a baiting question by Dan Barnes: "Do you want to step up and defend your wife right now?"

And that's that. Wish all the reporters were as clever as Tychkowski. It sounded to me like his family didn't like it here, though he avoided answers like a politician, so it's just sort of a gut feeling.


brazzy said...

Sounds like he did a lot to put an end to all that rampant internet speculation.

Karen said...

Well, that was disappointing. And if I ever here the expression "At the End of the Day" again, I'm going to punch someone.

Hans Moleman said...

If you punch someone they can sue you and /or put you in jail. At the end of the day I don't that's something you want to happen.

Doogie2K said...

At the end of the day, I just want to punch Chris Pronger. Think they'd arrest me or give me a medal if I did it at Rexall?

Pleasure Motors said...

Highlights from the Lowe press conference:

He didn't lose any partners through free agent signings, which I suppose is only a surprise in the Florida front (hat tip to Grabia on that one), though he did say that Anaheim was close to signing someone, who I'm going to assume was either Ward or Spacek, and if that happened, they would have pulled out.

Lowe sounded fairly optimistic about signing a UFA defenceman, which I'm still going to take with a grain of salt, and said he was in talks with all the UFAs we had (Peca is obviously gone, so too, I think, is Samsonov, though I would have thought him signed by now, so maybe not, while Spacek and Tarnstrom are desired but iffy).

One thing Lowe mentioned I hadn't considered, which sates me a little, is the fact that they had other offers, but a lot of the players involved would have been UFAs very soon. We've got Lupul for at least 4 more, and Snid, god willing he turns out, for 7, so that's something. I guess. Sigh.

jesse robbins said...

he did say that Anaheim was close to signing someone, who I'm going to assume was either Ward or Spacek

I heard Kevin Prendergast say earlier today that Spacek's agent led him to believe he was close to signing with the Ducks before the Oilers made this trade.

Nestor said...

If you missed it, you can get it at, under "audio vault". It takes a minute to register. The Pronger news conference is in the 2pm hour--you get the whole hour at once, so you can scroll ahead to the 35 minute mark, when it actually starts. PM's synopsis covers everything of interest, although he didn't mention all the weird eating and flushing sounds going on in the background. I guess Bryan Hall just couldn't hold it or something. K-Lo's presser is in the 3pm hour--I think it starts about 6 minutes in. My favourite quote: "This isn't totally a futures deal..."

Nestor said...

Forgot to mention that Lowe says he expects Smid to be on the club next year. He also sounds like he expected next year's team even with Pronger to be like this year's, scratching and clawing just to make the playoffs. As for the fact that, but for a goaltender's knee, we almost won the Stanley Cup? I guess on a go-forward basis Lowe's view must be: forget it, it never happened. Perhaps Darryl Sutter was listening.

Anonymous said...

Chris Pronger Smish Shmronger.

Is he potentially the best defenseman in the NHL? A very solid bet.

Did he get us into and through the playoffs without Roloson and all the Other Oil?


My prediction:

Messier laces up.



Dennis said...

Yeah we get Smid for 7 years of which he spends 4 before he probably makes an impact.

Pronger sounded like he never wanted to come to Edm in the first place..he asked out at Xmas FFS.

He took a big contract and then asked out and Lowe paniced and shagged the team in the process.

Colby Cosh said...

As for the fact that, but for a goaltender's knee, we almost won the Stanley Cup?

I think you meant to write "but for Ty Conklin's brain".

Vic Ferrari said...


You know my impression all year was that Pronger was enjoying his time playing for the Oilers. One of those guys that rolled with the ounches when the team was losing and the heat was on, and lived in the moment when the Oilers were winning. Sort of like a Roenick type, a guy that enjoyed being near the centre of attention and walkin' round famous.

Sort of the polar opposite of Peca in that regard.

Sounds like his wife wanted out really early though. I agree with Motors that Tychkowski's question was brilliant. :D

Ah well, I'm glad it didn't drag on, it was getting tedious. Hey, maybe Lauren Pronger will tell her side of the story to St Louis Bride Magazine! But would you really give a shit at this point anyways?

At the end of the day, Pronger needs to improve his speaking skills. At the end of the day, that's all I learned from listening to that press conference. And at the end of the day, God bless al of 'em, but I just don't care about dude or his family any more.

Shabbadoo said...

I've heard, though I have no clue if it's true, that Pronger knocked up a CITY reporter.

So the mother of his child is the problem. Except that it's a different mother than we've all been talking about.

Anonymous said...

prongs got a chick preggs. THAT'S WHY.