Sunday, July 2, 2006

It's like Christmas for a poor kid

Thoughts on watching every good defenceman disappear in a two-day stretch, among other things.

-So, with the list of solid two-spot type defencemen (never mind top-tier defencemen) down to, uh, Aaron Ward and maybe Markov or Witt, do we try harder to re-sign Spacek? With Kubina getting $5mil and Filip Kuba (25pts, even) getting $3mil, what can Spacek get? Also, in the Journal on Saturday, it was implied by either Ireland or Barnes that the Oil weren't even talking to Dick Tarnstrom. Admittedly, the guy was a little rough, but if he comes cheap (a little less than half of what he made), could it hurt to take a chance on a possibly still recovering powerplay specialist, especially given our potential top pairing right now is Smith-Staios?

-How good are the Minnesota Wild now? Their top two lines will be some combination of Gaborik, Demitra, Parrish, Rolston, Bouchard and Daigle (he's still with them, right? Did he get hurt? I can't find him on Yahoo's team page. He got 28 points in only 46 games, so I don't think he sat. Anyone know?). Johnsson and Carney, though, while okay pickups, essentially just shuffle chairs for Zyuzin and Kuba (and they don't have Mitchell for a whole year). TSN says the Wild are looking into Spacek, which would make them a lot scarier. Also, Manny Fernandez is one of the best goalies in the league. Even with a thin defence, they should be at least three-four wins better next year, which could be the difference between out of the playoffs and first place in our GD division.

=It sounds kind of ridiculous, but are the Panthers out of the Pronger hunt with the signing of Salei? Obviously he's not Pronger—he's not even Spacek—but if they resign Bouwmeester, their top six are Bouwmeester-Van Ryn, Salei-Allen, and Semenov-Hill, which is a pretty solid group, barring injury. More solid with Pronger in place of Bouwmeester, sure, but this way they get to keep Horton, too. Spector's FOX blog says the Oilers want Bouwmeester, Horton and a high draft; are Bouwmeester and Horton (maybe with a low pick, but not necessarily) enough?

-As Matt points out, with Willie Mitchell signing, the Canucks now have $2mil to fill 12 roster spots, which is, uh, actually impossible under the CBA. Cloutier is obviously gone, and could probably be had for Darryl Sydor prices at this point, but that's still $4mil for 12, which is still impossible. Morrison gone equals $7mil for 12, just barely possible (and not many for over minimum), while Naslund gone equals $10 mil, which is entirely doable, but then your second line (and whoever plays with the Sedins) is no one better than Matt Cooke and Trevor Linden ($1.5mil each). Cloutier, Morrison and Naslund gone, though, is $13mil, which still means their fourth line and third defence pairing are probably all minimum wage. Maybe the Oil should take a run at Lukas Krajicek? You'd probably only have to offer him about $1.5mil to make the 'Nucks think twice, or hurt themselves signing him. He's probably not worth a first or first and third round pick, but if you can poker it right, you can get them dressing an inordinate amount of minimum wage players as everyday players.

-Speaking of which, how little would you have to overpay Scott Gomez or Brian Gionta to get them away from NJ right now (about $6mil left for 6 regular starters and 3 bench players)? Don't we need help on our right wing? The only real problem is how much either of those is worth. Anything over $2.2mil (which either would probably get) is at least two first-round picks: is either player worth that?


Robert said...

Ugh, I don't know what kind of math you guys are doing over here, but the Canucks are not left with only 2 million. First, Cloutier is as good as gone; whether it be a trade, salary dump or waiving, his salary will be jettisoned.

Second, seemingly everyone but people in Vancouver have failed to realize that the Canucks ARE NOT picking up Linden's option at 1.5. He will either be re-signed at a much reduced rate or left free to move elsewhere.

Third, you are conflating two very different things with your calculations. The salary numbers you are working with *include* all RFAs who have been tendered qualifying offers. Taking that into account the Canucks have only to sign two or three players--certainly not impossible, especially if Morrison is moved. If you don't count the RFAs, then, yes, they need to sign about ten guys, but have more money to do so than you suggest.

Par said...

You may be a little confused about what Fenwick actually wrote. (Although, as I read his latest post on the topic, I can see where the confusion lies.) His first post on the topic explains the $2M for 12 players number.

Basically, the way things sit right now, if the Canucks pay league minimum for their 12 empty roster spots, they'll have $3M left over. Assuming you want a leeway of $1M on opening night, that's $2M to pay those 12 players above the league minimum. That's not $2M total to spend on the 12 players. (In the interest of covering my ass, I won't vouch for these numbers -- I haven't worked them out myself -- I'm just explaining them.)

So, in short, they're still in a very tight spot, but not in a financially impossible spot. (They'll just have to bring up most of the Manitoba Moose in order to have enough bodies.)

Matt said...

par is right (also, I'm not sure *I* want to vouch for my own math, but I'm pretty sure it's close).

Anonymous said...

I'd love to see Eaton and Spacek signed as both fit a specifc role in the hole left by Pronger's absence.

TSN says Anaheim is now involved and CNNSI says watch for Nashville to make a play.

Tampa ditch Sydor seems like a move to bring in Pronger to me though.

Anonymous said...

The Sydor move? Tampa doesn't have cap room without sending one of the big three back here. With or without Sydor. Or did you mean from the Dallas perspective?

The Sydor deal was somewhat similar to the Pronger/Peca trades Lowe pulled off last year. Find a team in cap trouble, target a player. I can't help but think that if Lowe wasn't distracted by this Pronger mess, he'd have gotten in on the Sydor move. Sydor's from Edmonton after all, and the Oil aren't exactly stocked on D at the moment...

- Rod

James Mirtle said...

Daigle was released. He was picked up by the Kings organization, and played in Manchester.

I'm probably the only one on the planet that knows that off the top of their head.

James Mirtle said...

Hill was bought out by Florida last week.

Adamn! said...

Dave, I get the impression that you get more kicks out of following the NHLPA than the NHL - and I've seen how excitable you get when watching live hockey ;)

Also, I imagine that Alexander Daigle knows Alexander Daigle's roster status off the top of his head as well (and maybe his mom? that would make 3), though given his prior commitment issues (remember when he, like, quit hockey? Then bummed around LA trying to be an actor or something?), I could well be wrong.

Froster said...

Alexandre Daigle is signed to HC Davos (Teh Swiss) for the next 2 years. While his Stanley Cup dreams may be lost, at least he can play for the Spengler Cup. Mm-hmm, nothing like competing in a tourney where your biggest rival is a Team Canada stacked with the likes of Stacy Roest, Hnat Domenichelli and Yves Sarault. Credibility central.

Seems the '93 expansion cousins are the front-runners for #44, judging by what everyone is saying. At this juncture, I'd take 'Meester, Horton/Weiss (although Horton would be prefered) + high pick > combination of Lupul/Getzlaf/Perry/Smid/Chistov/draft pick + fear of not making it out of the West alive/the West becoming THAT much more cramped. Unless Burke wants to offer up Scott Niedermayer. I know, I know... pipe dream, ya ta da. And I don't think that FLA is out of the sweepstakes, either, by signing Salei. If anything, I think it's a case of bringing in a re-inforcement to inevitably replace another one (Bouwmeester). Although, I didn't think Roli would come back, so maybe my head is still left field and my thoughts absolutely fruitless.

Also, why the hell is Chicago even being considered? Unless K-Lo IS actually taking traffic orders from Prongs/Morris on sending him to a Midwest location. What do they have to offer that will help us NOW? Seabrook? Barker? The same Tuomo Ruutu that will likely end up on the IR again soon? Tempting, buuuuut... no.

Anonymous said...

Whatever we get for pronger will be anticlimactic and surely underwhelming. The only sure thing is that it will be served with laddles of K-Lo KoolAid by the most arselicking `journalists` in the world of sports. I can assure you that ALL the people covering the Coilers know exactly what the reason(s) are but are afraid that if they spill the beans and tell the public they`ll be accused of helping the terrorists.

And P.M., why does it now so suddenly offend you that people on the internets are using komputer to spread malicious lies and gossip about an almost semi-locally known reporter? If it ain`t true let her come to her own defence, sticks and stones right? Surely this attention shunning wallflower can wrack her brains and somehow find some way, oh I don`t know, like a personal website or local media to answer the chatter. If it matters.


Achtungbaby said...

Froster, that picture is nasty man. Did you steal that swimsuit from the late Freddy Mercury?

Pleasure Motors said...

And P.M., why does it now so suddenly offend you that people on the internets are using komputer to spread malicious lies and gossip about an almost semi-locally known reporter?

I'm sure this type of shit happens all the time on the internet, but it doesn't happen on something I'm associated with, and I'd like to keep it that way. I don't understand why we can't just get mad at the guy for things we actually know he did, like want out after one year on his contract, as opposed to needing him to be some kind of philandering, godless baby killer to make ourselves sleep at night. As I said, it smacks very displeasingly of jilted lover syndrome.

I also don't think she (or, uh, anyone) should have to defend herself from entirely baseless rumours (I haven't seen anything more than "I heard from a friend" offered as proof) just because she happens to be in the public eye (and barely, at that). That has a whole "guilty until proven innocent" thing that I just don't cotton to. (Oh, also, she can deny them and they can be untrue all she wants, but I'll lay ten to one she's known as the reporter who fucked Pronger until she leaves this city, because that's sort of the way these things work.)

Froster said...

@ achtungbaby: Hahaha, no, fortunately that isn't me. Talk to Sacha Baron Cohen about that one.

Anonymous said...

Sweet, gentle Motors,

I hear you on all points, I just feel bad that you seem to be getting cheesed by the prole`s love of innuendo. It`s been going on since they painted caricatures of Nero bumhumping on the walls of Rome and it`s never going to stop is all I`m saying.

In a perfect world no one would talk naughty and no one would have to answer baseless charges. But she`s a big kid who CHOSE to to be in the public eye. That doesn`t mean you deserve lumps, but lumps you undoubtably will recieve. Like I said if it matters it will get sorted, if it doesn`t it will go away.

And hey, you`re running a (great) open site. One which INVITES basically anyone to write what they want. You have the power to edit of course, and it seems you`ve done it, which it totally fine too. Just don`t waste the blood pressure on the people who do what you invite them to do just cuz you don`t like the way they do it. In any case, by this December`s 11 game losing streak we`ll have forgotten all about this...