Monday, July 17, 2006

Oh, Toronto...

It's not official, but it appears JFJ has decided to overlook all of last year's warning signs and ink Michael Peca a one-year, $2.5-million deal with the Leafs. Hey, why the hell not? Toronto loves aging stars who some may recall working really hard eight years ago. Then again, he's costing the Leafs almost half as much as we agreed to bring him here for, so yeah. Probably an okay idea, especially with Lindros signing in Dallas.

Anyhow, again, thanks for the memories, Mike. Your playoffs almost atoned for your sulky regular season, but not really.

EDIT: according to the link, this is now official. Go Leafs!


Jes GÅ‘lbez said...

Maybe it's the facial hair, but Peca has this amazing ability to get GM's to greatly overpay for his services. Trevor Linden had that power for years, too, although he didn't have much facial hair so that theory goes out the window.

How many $ is that per goal? Another typical JFJ move. I love it!

Steve said...

My reaction to this move probably falls somewhere to the other side of "Meh", about 25% towards "Good riddance".

Of course, now Winters is going to come along and say something classy, making me feel bad about that comment and change "riddance" to "luck".

Garnet said...

From CP:
“My willingness to play in Toronto goes beyond being from Toronto,” said Peca at Tuesday’s news conference. “It’s recognizing an organization that prides itself on wanting to win.’’

And so it begins with a lie ...

CrazyCoach said...

Am I allowed to say C^%$S&*^&r in here?

That's an apt name for Peca. Good riddance Mike. Don't let the door hit you in the ass on your way out!

namflashback said...

“It’s recognizing an organization that prides itself on wanting to win."

No, that's a truthful statement. The Leafs do pride themselves on wanting.

It would be a lie if he had said ". . . prides itself by being a winning team."

Doogie2K said...

Apparently, Mike has forgotten that this isn't 1993. Or 1967. Poor Mike. Poor stupid fucking Mike. I'll miss that crazy breakaway streak last May, though I think that's about it.

mike w said...

I guess the playoffs was quite the successful free agency audition for Mike Peca.

Peca was always a hard player to warm to, especially with that weird mopey sense of entitlement that he brought with him from Long Island (scoring 9 regular season goals never helped endear him to fans, either). He had an uncanny knack for guessing a play and getting a stick on a puck, but his acceleration, stickhandling and passing is still pretty weak. Leafs fans should be mad that they didn't get the homeboy for less than $1.5 million (actual worth: $900,000 - million). Oddly, I'd like to see him do well for some reason. Maybe it's a short guy thing.

Black Dog Hates Skunks said...

Peca played a lot of his Junior in my hometown, Sudbury, and I've followed him since - he was a really good player for a long time.

Showed flashes of that this spring.

2.5 M - once again, folks, your Maple Leafs!

Peca won't get a chance ot redeem his regular season this year.

Doogie2K said...

But at least he didn't hate Edmonton. Didn't mean he wanted to stay, but hey, it's a step in the right direction.

mudcrutch79 said...

Go Leafs!

We're never watching another game together.

Anonymous said...

toronto sucks so badly, why would anyone want to play there? mike peca can suck me dry. the oilers had better kick some ass this year and win the cup without him and pronger and samsonov and spacek - oh man i am depressed.

lupul is our new god.

Dennis said...

I don't think we have just one God anymore. I think that anyone who'll play in Edm are our Gods at this point;)

Peca fucked himself and the Oilers by not getting in proper shape for the start of the '06 season. The guy was even saucy/brazen/honest enough to admit that. He didn't think the season was gonna start on time and he wasn't ready for it and basically didn't do the Oilers a whole lot of ES favours until the start of that three game Van series in March.

But when he turned it around he did a damn good job. And I'd suspect that you can extrapolate those numbers from the playoffs, on pace for about 20 goals and +15 while playing extremely tough min, and that's what you'd get for him if he say played in Edm where a team had forwards and netminding;)

As much as I like Reasoner we signed him for 950 K didn't we? I would've paid the extra 1.05 a year if we could've brought Peca back. He played tough min, was excellent winning faceoffs and killing penalties and he seemed to be a good influence on Torres and maybe even Pisani. Heck...him and Samsonov and Pisani even clicked in G2 in Ana when Torres was out with the flu.

I think we saw the real Peca down the stretch and in the playoffs and I don't think TO got a steal by any stretch but I don't think it was the overpay that some of you guys believe it was.