Friday, August 11, 2006

Barring groin explosion, Sykora an Oiler

See? This is why Covered in Oil demands that its contributors stay frosty with a commando-like regimen of pushups, protein shakes and obessive hockey-site clickery — when something happens, BAM! We silently drop out of the trees and spring into action!

SO! TSN reports that Petr Sykora is undergoing an MRI on his groin, and if he passes the physical, he's got a one-year deal with the Oilers. No money announced yet.

I don't know; pretty good news, I guess. His 23 goals and 51 points last year are encouraging and all, but I never really got why we were going after another forward in the first place, considering that scoring seems to be the one thing that next year's Oilers were guaranteed to do well, even without Sykora. The line I keep hearing is that he'll help on the powerplay (and could potentially look good connecting with fellow Czech Hemsky), but surely he won't help as much as that ever-elusive skill defenceman we fans keep pining for.

At any rate, I'm sure the contract won't be for much, and he's certainly worth a try. Even more certain: with this much firepower up front, there must be a trade on the way. Though maybe not until Lowe is convinced his patchwork defence can't hack it. Hopefully not, though. More info to come as it happens.

Now, I return to the darkened jungle canopy, and wait.


Scarlett said...

I agree Chris, why are we going after a forward when everyone knows we need a d-man. I heard he might get 3 million....I think that's way too much for his 50 pts.

The new season is going to be interesting. Is Lowe going to wait until the trade deadline to get that d-man? It's beginning to look like it won't happen anytime soon.

Anonymous said...

That'th awethome.

Par said...

Shouldn't that be "Barring groin explosion"?

Anonymous said...

Shit. Yes it should. I love it when I write before thinking.


Anonymous said...


rhymes with... plethora.

(of goals, that is)

namflashback said...


pending a satisfactory groin inspection

Julian said...

I suppose the idea is indeed to stockpile forwards for a trade. It doesn't seem too wise to sign a guy to one year and then trade out a young guy with RFA years left (Stoll, Torres), but with those even younger guys (MAP, Mihk, Schremp) knocking on the door....

Anonymous said...

Any similarity between the current Oiler roster and last years' Sabres is purely intentional.

The 1990 Stanley Cup Champ Oilers had 8 20-goal scorers in the lineup. Going to be interesting to see how this group does.

In the press conference Sykora sounded genuinely excited to be coming to Edmonton - maybe Pronger left his little black book for him.

I hope that they can get Traktor Boy in also, His size, hands and wheels look like an incredible combo.

Should be fun to watch this team pressure the puck everywhere.

Anonymous said...

pending a satisfactory groin inspection

I got a satisfactory groin inspection last night...if you know what I mean.

Anonymous said...

Oil spill!!

Alana said...

Ha! Anonymous brought teh funny.

Anonymous said...

There aren't any skilled dmen left available anyway, are there?

I think the problem with the Sabres comparison is that although we do have the potential for lots of guys scoring around or over 20 goals, they've got a few guys who could score 40 (Drury, Briere), and I don't think Edmoonton does.

Anonymous said...

'Edmoonton' sorry, I are stupid.

Anonymous said...

Goal Scoring Facts for those too lazy to look it up before posting:

Briere: 2001-02 - 32
Drury: 2005-06 - 30

Smyth: 1996-97 - 39 2005-06 - 36
Sykora: 2000-01 - 35 2002-03 - 34