Friday, August 4, 2006

Five Things I Hate About Grabia

This seems like a pleasant enough diversion with nothing else hockey-related to talk about. It's gone back and forth, and though it started as five weird things in general, Grabia made up his own list. I'm going to go somewhere in the middle, and do five weird sports-related things about me, and maybe one random one.

1. My father used to work the yardsticks for the Edmonton Eskimos. He has since been promoted to one of the on-field replay guys. As I understand it, his job is to make sure the referee only takes the allotted 90 seconds to review a play (yay Dad!). For my part, I absolutely hate football, whether CFL or NFL, considering it quite possibly the most boring game on the planet.

2. My favourite baseball team (since after the Blue Jays stopped winning pennants) is the Kansas City Royals. This makes no sense to anyone, but they weren't that bad of a team in the mid-90s (.500-level, and it didn't really look like they were going to shit the bed from then on out), and then I fell in love with their all-star, little-remembered late-90s outfield of Johnny Damon, Jermaine Dye and Carlos Beltran (I have since come to loathe Damon). I own a special-edition Royals baseball hat. Royals merchandise is nearly impossible to come across in Edmonton, though I've stopped collecting sports paraphenalia anyway.

3. I tore my MCL playing hockey when I was 16. To this day, I can feel changes in the weather, particularly impending cold snaps, in my left knee. I am more proud of this than any other single achievement of my hockey career (admittedly, there aren't a lot of achievements, but still).

4. In my only career pitching appearance, I walked four batters, only got one out, gave up nine hits--including the only home run hit that entire season--and nearly got beheaded by a come-backer that I guess would technically be considered an error. My pitching career ended when I walked to the bench and asked to be taken out of the game after the home run. Incidentally, in my only appearance as a catcher, I interfered with the hitter's bat, which was also the only time that happened the whole season.

5. There are two sports I follow entirely on the internet: soccer, because I don't have cable and am too lazy to search for or go to a place that shows Spanish League games in Edmonton, and bullfighting. I started following both of these sports after a month-long trip to Spain two years ago. Bullfighting is particularly hard for me to follow, because all of the comprehensive sites are, to little surprise, in Spanish, but through a combination of my memories of high school Spanish, Babelfish and only looking at things once a month or so, I do okay. I don't care to debate the ethics of the sport.

6. Randomly: I've revealed I'm a Transformers fan before (Robimus Prime), but not to the point where I still own the Constructicons, Optimus Prime and Sky Lynx action figures, two seasons worth of DVDs and Transformers: The Movie, which I regularly pepper my speech with quotes from, though it generally goes entirely unnoticed, mostly, I think, because the writing is so pedestrian most people wouldn't assume they were movie quotes. But I do it anyway. Because I don't have a girlfriend.

I'm not entirely sure who has or hasn't been tagged at this point, but:

Fenwick from BoA, Mirtle, Black Dog Hates Skunks, HotOil's The Prez and Dennis from IOF. Happy motoring.


Anonymous said...

So, like every time you said "Oh Shit!" you were quoting Transformers? Interesting.

Randy in the Med Hizzo said...

Thank you for sharing PM. In other/similar news, I caught a foul ball at a semi-pro game last night, re-ording my list of life's most exhilerating moments from the top down. I truly feel awesome.

Ingmar "W" Bergman said...

So, like every time you said "Oh Shit!" you were quoting Transformers? Interesting.


If you're "excited" about the Live Action Transformers Movie coming out next year, go see Clerks 2 and get "humbled". I sure did, but I laughed at it because it's true.

Doogie2K said...

Yer gonna be waiting on Mirtle's response for a while. He's on vacation for another week and a half.

Andy Grabia said...

The sad thing is that this probably won't even rank in the top ten Google searches for "hate Grabia."

Pleasure Motors said...

So, like every time you said "Oh Shit!" you were quoting Transformers? Interesting.

I only wish it was that obvious.

Anonymous said...

I still own the Constructicons

Hey, the Constructicons were my first real "set" of Transformers. And what a party they were!

"Look out you guys I'm backing up and driver visibility is poor in a dumptruck"
"OH no, there's no bridge across this chasm, let's build one"
"Great job team now let's make some mortar and build the foundation for a camp. You dig a hole Captain Backhoe"

Way more fun than guns.


Alana said...


That's awesome.