Tuesday, August 1, 2006

I'm totally crushing!

So what do you get when you cross Wasabi Cowgirl's starry-eyed yearning for the boyishly charming Dwayne Roloson, The Prez's dogged devotion to Igor Ulanov's austere ruggedness and Loxy's muted yet no less passionate burning for Marty Reasoner's, uh... work ethic?

It's called a reason for Oilers fangirls to get up in the morning.

CinO is pleased to welcome Hot Oil and it's all-star team of squeeing crush victims to the ever-expanding Oilers hockey blogosphere. Their business is giggling, and business is good.

Now who wants a makeover?


Alana said...

Thanks for the intro, Chris! I may steal "Our business is giggling, and business is good" for our business cards or something.


lowetide said...

Jesus. Jesus Jesus. God almighty. Jesus.

Eyeris said...

Who the hell did that fabulous photoshop job? RAD! (In an oh-my-god-my-retinas-haven't been-burning-this-badly-since-Robbie's-Schremp-basket-picture kind of way)

Big T said...

Fuck, this is good stuff. Keep it up people.


That fucking kills me.


Loxy said...

Casting call!

Who wants to interview the ladies of Hot Oil for our official introductions?

No question will go unanswered.

Big T said...

I nominate Chris. He'd do a hell of a job.


Neil said...

Kinda looks like the typical male hairdo in every Fructis commercial.

Ryan's about to unleash a headbang-induced blizzard of dandruff on that unsuspecting photographer.