Tuesday, August 1, 2006

Whatever happened to Vitali Vishnevski?

Man, I must admit, I'm kind of shocked by how little Brian Burke seems to think of Vishnevski, despite him being cheap, young, on the upswing and a deadly dangerous defenceman. Makes me wonder if he knows something we don't.

From today's Orange County Register:

"We toyed with a 'walk-away,'" Ducks general manager Brian Burke said, referring to the club's right under terms of the collective-bargaining agreement to refuse the arbitrator's ruling and make Vishnevski an unrestricted free agent. "While we accept the award, we do not share the opinion that this is an appropriate salary. We will entertain trade options."

Immediately upon Friday's arbitration decision, the Ducks faxed the 29 other NHL teams, announcing Vishnevski's availability. They received one, unsatisfactory proposal in the ensuing 48 hours.


"We didn't demand anything, but we discussed it," said Todd Diamond, who, along with fellow New Jersey-based player agent Mark Gandler, represents Vishnevski. "If they can put something together, that would be fine with us. Vitaly wants to go where he's appreciated. The Ducks were unnecessarily nasty in the arbitration hearing."
How much do you want to bet the one, unsatisfactory offer came from a 780 area code?

Again, the general lack of interest confuses me, as does the suppostion that a US$400,000 raise in arbitration suddenly priced Vitali out of the market. At any rate, we need to land this guy. Dammit Lowe, find a defensive propect Burke likes (Gilbert? Syvret? Our beloved Greene?), add a middle pick and be done with it. If all we do for the rest of the off-season is pick up Vishnevski and Sykora, I'm ready to start the year with a smile.


Steve said...

I agree.

In other news, no comments on the Hasek signing? Specifically the part where he said that if it had been another team, "like Calgary", he'd definitely have said no?

That was fantastic.

Julian said...

i guess Burke doesn't think he's needed at 1.5 if he can get the same player out of whatever pylons play with Neidermayer and that other one for .5?

Otherwise.... i dunno.... you'd certainly think VV is worth 1.5... it really does make you wonder what's wrong with him....

Chris! said...

Steve, I just find it amazing that both Hasek and Belfour found jobs before a non-retirement-aged goalie like Legace.

As for the Calgary comment, I think he clearly meant Edmonton, but possibly doesn't know the difference. Why would Calgary want Hasek? Anyhow, retarded.

Steve said...

I also find it amazing, especially considering the fact that Legace, in my opinion, definitely one of the ten best goalies in the league - I'd have been not in the least upset if we'd pursued him in lieu of Roloson. I guess Florida didn't want an outright number one, already having Auld, and Detroit didn't want to bring back a goalie who basically said he was done with Detroit after losing the playoff series, but surely somebody?

Alana said...

"I'd have been not in the least upset if we'd pursued him in lieu of Roloson."


Earl Sleek said...

As a concerned observer, Vitaly is worth his $1.55 in spades for about 29 clubs.

Unfortunately, the one he currently is on pays its top 2 defenders a combined $13 M and eats all the top d-man minutes. Plus it insists on a $39-$40 M cap, so there's just not enough room for Vish in the Nied-Prong financial model.

Yay progress?

YKOil said...

Brilliant move by Burke though. He doesn't NEED Vishnevski and so he can make an example out of Vishnevski. He used this method of madness several years ago in Vancouver with Cooke et al. He ended up losing Shaefer (traded for Salo... not a bad trade at all really) I believe but he got Cooke signed to a 4 year deal for WELL under his value.

Burke had the hammer and so he used it.

Burke's MO - establish your bad ass negotiating reputation early. Those who are leery of fighting will simply give up and all the rest who were willing will think twice before stirring the pot.

Lowe's system might lead to a better dressing room but Burke gets a much better salary structure. Burke does rely heavily though on big buy in from the leaders of the team (in Vancouver it was Bertuzzi and Naslund while in Anaheim it will be Pronger and the Neidermayer boys) so if that goes south so does he.

I don't agree with trading Vish but Burke isn't doing this for the obvious reasons (i.e. salary too high).

namflashback said...

Sleek said Nied-Prong

Wouldn't Prongermeyer roll off the tongue a little easier?

Or Nied-a-prong?

Earl Sleek said...

Wouldn't Prongermeyer roll off the tongue a little easier?

Or Nied-a-prong?

I am getting lazier and lazier with it. Soon it will be down to Nong.

Or maybe I just call Pronger 'Vish-dog' or 'Salei-of-game', just so I can keep using the old nicknames.

d-lee said...

Chris, you've totally been "tagged". You're "it". Apologies if you had already been tagged.