Friday, September 15, 2006

Another missed anniversary...

Seeing Grabia mentioning that Battle of Alberta recently celebrated its one-year anniversary in his most recent post reminded me that, as with much every other important date in our lives, the team at CinO let our anniversary celebrations slip by, unremembered and uncelebrated.

But yes: it's seems like ages ago that Mike, Dave and I first started hollering our opinions into the cavernous depths of the "blogosphere" to no one's interest but our own, but really, it's just been since last July. I feel like I've aged a hundred years since then, though maybe that's just because I've started wearing adult diapers for a completely unrelated reason (ie. comfort).

Looking back now at that bubbling primordial stew that was our first dozen posts, I'm filled a feeling of maternal condescension mixed with mild embarrassment. While Mikey and Dave, I find, has always been thoughtful and metered contributors who back their statements up with "research" and "facts," I seemed to struggle with these concepts in my early days (even more so than now), as my posts were often filled with rash judgements, unreasonable expectations and outright errors.

Nowhere do all these shortcomings coalesce more humiliatingly for me than in the entry titled "If I Was Kevin Lowe..." posted July 24, 2005. I mean, where do I start correcting myself? Did I really think that Cory Stillman was a "dark horse"? That the Oilers should be pursuing Greg Johnson and Andrei Nikolishin as an answer to our woes at centre? And indeed, that Johnson would command a salary between $3 and $3.5 million? Holy crap. Not stopping there, I go on to assert that the Oil take a run at Valerie Bure (HA!) to bolster our scoring on the wing before finally suggesting that, incredibly, impossibly, that the Oilers did "not need a goalie that badly" going into the 05-06 season.

Sigh! Clearly, I never would have imagined in a million years what the Oilers would go on to do over the next couple weeks in the FA market, nor what they would achieve in the playoffs. We had a different way of thinking about our team back then; Oilers fans had come to expect mediocrity, season-crippling shortcomings that would doom us to an eternity of first-round exits. In the back of our heads, we desired so much more. But a decade of frugality mixed with improbable overachievement had resigned people like me to thinking that the best FAs we could ever hope to attract were third-line grinders like Andrei Nikolishin. The mere mention of names like Pronger, Peca, Samsonov and Sykora would have been met with a volley of scoffs, and possibly a finger twiddled by my temple while I screamed "DOY YOY YOY" so loud at you that your eyelashes ripped off.

I didn't fuck around back then. And nor do I now.

Anyhow, that's that. Happy belated anniversary, Covered in Oil. Hopefully we'll one day see the return of what was easily the best feature of those early days: hockey-themed slash fiction. Enjoy.

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Julian said...

I've been coming to this site for the last year just in the hopes of a little more hot hockey man action. You gotta give your fans what they want....

Didn't you have a story on Schremp and Puliot as well? I'd think their saga is due for an update.

Jordi said...

Those stories need a competition or something. Someone writes the first and everyone submits a second and people pick out the one they liked best.

I'm giving way too much thought about this.

mike w said...

Ah yes, the stiff, typo-laden prose of my first posts... has it really only been a year?

anj said...

i find your stories offensive to the homosexual community and detrimental to the advancement of gay rights and the normalization of gay relations in general.

i am a a supporter of free speach, but not of bigotry.

on the whole, though, your site is funny and, to a lesser degree, informative.

Chris! said...

Thanks for sharing your findings with us, anj!

case said...

i find your lack of sense of humour offensive to the elephant community.

mike w said...

>find your stories offensive to the homosexual community

This from the biggest gaylord in my office.

I do, however, recommend Anj's Raptors basketballie blog, "Purple Dinsoaurs":