Monday, September 18, 2006

Bwa ha ha

Behold the Buffaslug.

Against all odds, the Buffalo Sabres marketing brian trust has already made me nostalgic for the old black and red, even though I never liked them in the first place. In a giant tease of a gesture, the Sabres will retain their classic jersey that everyone already wants for 15 games this season, but what a shame Sabres Managing Partner Larry Quinn ignored the 30,000 diehard fans that voiced their disgust in an online petition when the new logo and colours were leaked back in July.

While the sheer yellowness of the logo may be making you dizzy, don't forget to notice how the uniform is truly ruined by the swooshing action flashes doing all sorts of weird shit in the armpits and alongside the hockey pants. This is a Reebok-fed design motif I already hate with the San Jose Sharks jersey (they have way too much grey, by the way) and I'm sure it will look really dated in five years if it isn't already... which, of course, it is. If there is one thing I like, it's the numbers on the front, probably because it reminds me of something old school, like when the San Diego Chargers had player's numbers on their helmet.

The bottom line is that a team will not fail its fans if they keep jerseys simple and have some sort of semblance of history integrated into the jersey design. Popular teams like the Red Wings or Canadiens at least get it. Somehow, Edmonton made a nice transition into modern jerseys,
and thanks to a rich tradition and 5 Cups (I do remember that to be a specific reason why the team never really changed the logo), we seem to be somewhat safe from having a Todd McFarlane free-for-all on the originals.


And to think: if had Buffalo actually won a Cup in the 1970s, their fans wouldn't be subject to this wretched debasement of their once great uniforms.


bigleaguer said...

The WHA's Chicago Cougars had numbers on the front like the new Sabres, but they weren't much to look at either, if memory serves me correctly.

anj said...

wow, i haven't eaten enough to vomit enough.

i like how you didn't include the leafs in that "classic" batch of jerseys just because you're...mike.

just curious, how did you feel about rachel weisz on the red carpet last year, and what are your must-have accesories for the fall?

Colby Cosh said...

Four Cups didn't seem to save the Islanders' uniforms from being desecrated. I guess that fifth win was even more important than we thought.

Neil said...

They even got the retro jersey wrong - should've gone with the white one.

It's interesting, how little fan input goes into these decisions. A lot of WNYers are now warming to the logo, but it could've been so much better.

Limey said...

The old jerseys only look that good because the new ones are such crap by comparison.

Seriously, take a look at the old Islanders unis with a clear head. They're awful.

Anonymous said... did that happen?

mike w said...

>Four Cups didn't seem to save the Islanders' uniforms from being desecrated.

The last decade of wacko ownership seems to have trumped tradition on Long Island, although its worth noting that they went back to the original logo almost as soon as they unveiled the much-maligned Captain Highliner monstrosity.

Anonymous said...

It looks like a croissant. Or the San Diego Chargers logo. Or Barney Rubble's hair.

ToTheBank said...

what happened to the post about the pronger article? did the journal shake their fist at you?

Anonymous said...

Man, I loved that Captain Highliner monstrosity. No, really... Seriously!
The old (current) logo makes me depressed and nauseous. Weird.

Anonymous said...

It looks like a damned plushie or something...doesn't exactly strike fear into you heart.

Then again maybe that's the plan, when the opposition sees a little slug coming at them they'll stop to admire how cute it is or wonder WHAT it is and get pasted against the boards?