Friday, September 22, 2006

Disgracing yourself and the game for fun and profit

Not at all hockey-related (speaking of which: suck it Flames!), but I came across this CP story on TSN, and it demands further attention.

The jist of it is some online retailer bought a bunch of baseballs like the ones on the right (actually signed by Pete Rose) to use as gifts when people buy a bunch of merchandise. While I think that's actually a semi-clever promotion for the website, the real kicker is about halfway through the article:

"Since news of the planned auction became public, the baseball celebrity's website has begun offering signed apology baseballs for US299."

Check them out right here.

Myself, I'm holding out for when starts offering Steve Moore bobbleheads.


Props to Vue Weekly's wonderful In the Box Column, which is not only back for another year, but mentioned us and a few other choice Oiler blogs by name in their first installment of the year. It is only their lack of a dedicated webpage that keeps them from being a treasured member of the Oilogosphere: a delightful cornucopia of some of the most obscure trivia and some of the most delicious Leafs/Flames/Avs hate around. Read it weekly.


Randy in the Med Hizzo said...

You know, I've really got to stay with Cooperstown on this one. Ignoring all evidence and pro/con arguments, the guy is simply an ass. Yes, yes, yes, he hit a lot of baseballs (the most in fact), but would you invite him to your house for dinner?

mudcrutch79 said...

I'd sooner invite him than Crazy Jim Bunning. Or Ty Cobb.

Like regular people, many athletes are narcissistic assholes.

Randy in the Med Hizzo said...

This is true. Cobb once pistol-whipped a man to death, attacked a fan who called him a nigger (with the support of his teammates I might add), and hit a groundskeeper, who happened to be black, with a bat. Owned a lot of Coca Cola stock however, and rented a lot of tuxedos for people who hated him. Rent Cobb with Tommy Lee Jones.
In the pre-requisite baseball-hall-of-fame versus the human-being-hall-of-fame argument, few would get in the later. That's why it doesn't exist. All we have is the baseball hall of fame, and since Pete Rose committed a crime against baseball, it's pretty obvious that he's out of that one too. Poor Pete Rose. Keep fighting those windmills, you dead-broke, mulleted piece of garbage.