Sunday, September 17, 2006


Half-Oilers 5, Half-Coyotes 0

I suppose it would be more promising if it meant more, but the Oilers won their first pre-season matchup quite handily today, tearing apart the Former Jets like a cornbread muffin. As always with a preseason win, you have to sift through the results to find out if it's good news or not, so lets take a look at the pros and cons.

Good: I'm not at all familiar with Phoenix's actual depth chart (just what I can glean from online sources), but they seemed to have a fairly respectable lineup out there. Jovanovski, Morris and Boynton, presumably their top three defencemen, were all in the lineup, as were Comrie, Doan, Nolan, Fredrik Sjostorm and 2006 first-round pick Peter Mueller, who all (Mueller excepted) should be top-twoish line players.

Bad: Phoenix's actual lineup is probably only fairly respectable at best anyway, so beating them with half of their presumed regular starters gone doesn't seem like a big accomplishment. Also, while there were five goals, four of them were scored on Phillipe Sauve, who I guess technically was their back-up for the last part of the year, but wasn't even good enough for the once-a-month rotation he was on in Calgary.

EDIT: Actually, Sauve's performance in Calgary might not be the best actual indicator, since their status as a good defensive team probably ends at Kipper anyway. Regardless, though, he's a bad, bad goalie. Conklin bad.

Good: Five goals came without Hemsky, Smyth, Horcoff, Sykora, Pisani, Schremp or Pouliot. Jarret Stoll got two, including one on the powerplay point, Reasoner had three assists, and Sexy Alexei Mikhnov (it works if you say it like "sex-ay" or "Alex-ee") had three points (1G, 2A) in his NHL debut.

Bad: Though they didn't score, Phoenix got 27 shots on net, 12 in the third period when we were protecting the lead, and our defence (Smith-Hejda, Tjarnqvist-Syvret, Smid-Staios, according to the Oilers site) was potentially--short of probably Syvret--what we could see on opening night.

Good: Dubynk stopped 27 shots for the shutout.

Bad: Not that it matters, because he clearly won't beat out Roloson or Markkanen, and will probably be playing in the ECHL, shutting out the Virginia Deliverance, or whoever the hell plays in that league, pissing away his potential for a full year.

Good: Apparently, the sold-out crowd was chanting "Go Jets Go" halfway through the third, which just goes to show that Winnipeg loves the Jets so much, they'll cheer them even though they're being coached by their former blood rival and are down 4-0 in a pre-season game. In case my tone isn't clear, I do admire this trait.

Bad: According to Mirtle, there's a Canadian front-runner for purchasing the Penguins, but he'd be likely to move them to Hamilton, because evidently the Leafs and Sabres aren't enough for Southern Ontario. Why can't you move them to a city that would love them dearly (it might be because there's nothing else to do, but it's still love)? Better than a team that would only sellout when the Leafs "came" to town.

So, yeah, anyway, hopefully this isn't the only shellacking we hand out all year. And hopefully Mihknov maintains his three-point-per-game pace for the rest of the year. GOILERS!


mudcrutch79 said...

Well, a good start. I went to the last pre-season game in Winnipeg. Vancouver played Minnesota, I'm pretty sure it was 1-0 and I tried to cut my wrists on a jagged sink edge partway through the third. Just horrible.

Anonymous said...

Heartbreaking that Winnipeg lost their team, and made even worse that the former Jets now play in the middle of nowhere (it's called the desert for Pete's sake) or it might as well be nowhere as far as hockey and ice is concerned.

Chris! said...

I had just finished writing my review of the game when I realized that both you turkeys beat me to it. Good thing, too, because I had sweet FA to say.

Anonymous said...

Although I'm an Edmonton fan living in Ontario with the Senators and the Leafs, I would glady welcome another team in Ontario. I'm pretty sure most everyone else here would as well.

There is a huge fan base here that gleefully despises the Leafs. It's like Chinese water torture. That's all we f@cking here or see.

Sidney Crosby in Hamilton? Bring it on. I'd love to hear the pukes on the Fan590 try to crap on that. Chuck Swirzky can go to hell.

Anonymous said...

Is there any media online of this game? I have been spared the indignity of watching highlights on the atrocious media player due to their apparent indifference towards this game, which sounds very appropriate. But without them, I fear I am hooped. Know of anything fellas?

And the news that Winnipegers cheered the Oilers warms my heart. Fuck Pheonix. Fuck them up their stupid fucking asses.


Pleasure Motors said...

No, even the Oilers website doesn't have the clips. The best you can do, I think, is flip through the slideshow really fast and make up your own play-by-play/witty sportsdesk comments.

Doogie said...

I saw clips and a postgame report on SportsCentre. Odd that there'd be nothing online.

Showerhead said...

mudcrutch: where was the sink? if you'd have let me know we surely could have made the most of that opportunity not to witness such an overwhelming display of nauseating suck.

I think it's also my duty to point out that Comrie was booed vigorously on introduction. It was rather amusing, however, as I had to explain why exactly we were booing to the Pisani-clad Oiler fans in front of me. Oh the consequences of a magical run.