Sunday, October 22, 2006

The axe has fallen


One of the great mainstays of my hockey-watching life has been Bobby Clarke generally managing mediocre to pretty-good teams while never winning the Stanley Cup. I honestly expected this dude to be GM of the Philadelphia Flyers long after I had shuffled on from this mortal coil, but I guess a 1-6-1 start coupled with a humiliating loss to Buffalo was enough for owner Ed Snider to clean house (Bob Clarke officially "resigned," however true that may be) . Ken Hitchcock gets the boot as well, naturally, although it does seem rather mercurial of Ed Snider to dump a pretty good coach after 8 games, no matter how bad they looked against Buffalo.

As for the team, people are right to think Robert Esche is a bag of dinks, but the real team killer has been the pylons they have playing defence. Was there anyone who didn't laugh at the Derian Hatcher and Mike Rathje signing when it happened over a year ago? How did Clarke not see this coming? Wasn't he aware of what was coming down the pike from the rule change committee?

Seriously NHL owners, enough with this ex-NHL player crap: let one of us blogger/stat nut poolies/NHL 2007 mavens run your team for once. At the very least we won't be throwing your hard-earned millions on players clearly on the downward arcs of their careers. Plus the A.I. on our East Side Hockey Manager will serve as its own check/balance against dumbass trades. It worked for baseball.

Think about it. Seriously.

Surely there'll be some room once Doug MacLean or Mike Barnett get fired...


Black Dog Hates Skunks said...

Apparently Clarke has resigned according to all accounts - Duhatschek has a pretty good take on it (as always) in the Globe.

His biggest mistake - as you said, signing Rathje and Hatcher - apparently he figured that, once again, the league would not stick to their crackdown.


Colby Cosh said...

Plus, technically Barnett would pretty much have to fire himself.

kinger said...
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kinger said...

Hi Andy,

I've recently started my own oiler blog and was wondering if coveredinoil could link my site in your blogs that don't suck panel: .


Andy Grabia said...

Andy? That is funny.

Colby Cosh said...

Be careful making fun of him. He wields the terrible power of Yakety Sax.

Chris! said...

How about that, Grabia? Your name has become synonymous wih "Oilers blogger."

kinger said...

"Andy? That is funny."

Yea i screwed up my "ask for link" form on a couple different sites. I did manage to personalize the "what's the linking section" fairy effectively.