Friday, October 6, 2006

Beer makes me awesome

WhOOOooo, am I drunk.

I'm not even trying to be all "gonzo" with this admission so much as I'm laying out a nice little blanket apology if none of this makes sense in the morning. Anyway, um, Oilers? Uh, YEAH! Making opening night extra special was having a few Edmontonian friends in town to join the usual Toronto Oilers watchin' gang, this time at a super frat horror bar, The Madison.

Forget analysis type stuff or whatever... photos!!:

Pre-game meal.

And the season begins!

Furious note-taking: "Ladislav Smid = A-OK!"

Hockey fan accoutrement.

The absolute worst photo I've ever taken. Looks like some basement rec room in Leduc.

The intermission.

And finally, a rousing game of bubble hockey.



Nick said...

Oh, the Madison... did you guys wander over to the other side of the building to listen to a rousing piano rendition of "November Rain"?

Where'd that New Yorker magazine come from? Don't tell me you brought it. Lie to me.

Blogdor! said...

Egads, man, The Madison?

I actually live on that street and not even I go there.

Go back to Pauper. Or Rowers. Hell, even the Joyce has a big screen.

More screen = more better.

Coluch said...

Dudes... Molly Blooms. I'm tellin' ya.

imark said...

I was just sitting here at the press release factory thinking the Lames suck ass when this happens:

Karma's a bitch...don't mess with the press release gods. Hopefully they are done and the game will go as it should.