Thursday, October 26, 2006

Coyotes: ugly

Edmonton at Phoenix
8 p.m. MT

"I think we hit rock bottom about a week ago," said Phoenix forward Jeremy Roenick. "We're just remaining there. It's something I've never seen in my life. It's utterly embarrassing."
Yeah, well, that's what bad teams who lack the cohesiveness to pull themselves up from the bottom do, Jeremy. They languish, they sputter, and above all, they lose. Often. And hopefully, tonight.

I'm sure the Coyotes won't suck forever, but I sure could use one more palsied performance out of the Desert Dogs tonight to help the Oil find a little confidence on the road. Roloson, as many in the Oilogosphere have noted, had a pretty bad game last night, allowing six goals on 20 shots thanks mostly to poor positioning and sloppy movement in the crease. He let the game run away on him, and hey, it happens. With Jussi getting the start tonight, Roli has until Saturday to think about what he's done, and the Oilers get a chance to work on their defensive play away from home.

Still, tonight will be no cakewalk. Phoenix is a seriously pissed off team who has just dropped four in a row and are going to want to look at themselves in the mirror tomorrow morning. They've got nothing left to lose and revenge on their minds; hopefully, the Oilers are up for it. If we head into this game unprepared, we're pretty fucked. Nonetheless, it's difficult not to expect anything less than a convincing win for the good guys. Let's say, I don't know... 4-1 Oilers. Smid and Markkanen both score twice.

APROPOS OF NOTHING: Feeling bored, so I figured I'd check in on the Oilers' best prospect not currently sitting in the press box, and it looks like Captain America is off to a decent start with the Penguins' AHL affiliate in Wilkes-Barre/Scranton, with two goals and five points in his first six games. I briefly considered this impressive, until I looked just below him on the team scoring list and saw Alain Nasreddine had the same totals. Also on the same team, it seems our boy JDD is responding well to his first starting job in the AHL, posting a 3-0-0 record with a 1.67 GAA and .937 sv%. (Dubnyk, if you're curious, has only started once with the Stockton Thunder of the ECHL so far, but it was a good one, allowing only one goal on 49 shots for a .980 sv%.)


Coluch said...

The coyotes are certainly looking exceptionally bad this year. Poor Cujo just looked like he was going to cry after every goal the other night.

Anyway, I decided that someone should express some sorrow at the loss of the great Ethan Moreau for the next bunch of months... it really sucks.


Pleasure Motors said...

I don't know, Phoenix strikes me as the type of team that could be seriously pissed off, facing a team that's taking them lightly, and still lose. Looking over their forward corps sans Reinprecht, I don't know if anyone who isn't on their first line has a regular job with a playoff-capable team. And even their top scorers and defence look fairly inept (which is hurting me in our pool, Nagy you son of a bitch).

Plus, even if they play mad, ever since 2006 came around, Curtis Joseph has looked he couldn't stop a puck without a time machine these days.

I say that after a disappointing Anaheim loss that saw us play two of the best periods of the season, this is the laugher we thought Monday was going to be: 8-1 Oil, Bergeron, Smid, Sykora (2), Hemsky, Thoresen, Pisani, Winchester. Nagy gets a shorty for Phoenix.

Beck said...

This game is going to be broadcast on TVU. Stay in or go out?

Prediction: 5-2 Oil
Hemsky, Stoll, Torres (2), Thoresen

Is it me or are the word verifications getting longer and longer... for this post mine is dosdzmpx

Garnet said...

He's right; verification just made me spell "Antero Niittymaki."

Anonymous said...

what tvu channel?

mike w said...

>verification just made me spell "Antero Niittymaki."

heh heh

Anonymous said...

tvu channel is 10025, the nhl channel

daniel said...

As an aside, we may now know the purpose behind Roli's eye exercises.

Chris! said...

Just got home, and it looks like my nervous hand-wringing was justified. 5-2 Phoenix in the third. Fucking Laraque even scored a goal. Nice work, boys.