Thursday, October 26, 2006

Fuck Yooooooouuuuuuuu!

I can't believe we lost to them 6, Oilers 2

Well this was, in its own way, good: not for the Oilers, or anything, but it was good for my hubris-filled ass to be reminded that, oh yeah, the Oilers are supposed to play really well against good teams, and really, really terrible against bad teams. We're the NHL's streak breakers, ready and willing to boost your confidence when you need it.

Although, actually, I don't know how precisely bad we played, to be fair. The PK was a bit of a mess in the first: if you see the replay of the first 'Yotes goal, you'll note that precisely one Oiler is in position, and that Oiler is Jussi Markkanen, who alas wasn't quick enough across to stop the one-timer. Actually, Juice probably didn't deserve the hook tonight: Saprykin's was a total fluke, and Nagy's was right inside the no-reaction zone: the only one he really should have had was GG's, and I'm willing to call that a favour to the big guy.

As for the rest of us: mostly sloppy, though the fluke factor can't be entirely overlooked. We were a bit disorganized in our end, and we sort of came out flat in the second (play was much closer in the first than the 3-1 score). I'm willing to join Grabia and say that our powerplay sucks, though. Hell, even if it does actually get results, it's as uncreative as all get-out, totally useless at getting out of our own zone, and 50 percent of our passes are D to D (or forward playing D to forward playing D, but you get the idea). We have plenty of options to fix it, too: convince Hemsky to step off the half-boards more often, try cycling down low--well, hell, anything except that damn umbrella passing. Craig Simpson: get hit by a bus.

Having said that, I'm entirely convinced Hemsky could deke around the end boards if he felt like it. According to the PPV crew, Gretzky called Pintothe most skilled forward in the league, which surely is at least a bit of puffery, but really, the way he walks around people, you'd believe it. Maybe he's a bit more finish away from the Jagr echelon. Well, I can dream, anyway. Oh, and the Pisani-Stoll-Torres line is a keeper. They could have used a little more time on ice to stir things up, I think.

Aside from that, I guess, this just blows: we have no reason to lose to the Coyotes, who didn't even look dangerous tonight, just kind of lucky at the right times. I stand by my earlier statement that lines two through four are full of players who shouldn't be playing regularly, except for maybe Scatchard, who was a much, much better plugger tonight than I remember him being. Shades of Moreau, kind of. I like to think we'll beat Washington, though. I want to feel some hubris again, dammit: it was nice.


Julian said...

wasn't there another blogosphere out there which was constantly bitching about the language used in the oilogosphere? something about too much swearing and was it really necessary and etc etc..... anyone remember who it was?

anyway, the thread title made me think of that, and i'm also just trying to change the subject here rather than dwell on the last few hours of oilers hockey.

The Acid Queen said...

Fuck 'em if they can't fuckin' take a fuckin' joke.


The most vulgar 'Canes blogger on teh Intarnet.

Anyway--given how horribly both of last season's finalists played (not to mention how horribly they got played) tonight, it's probably a good thing I didn't get off work until midnight (and was thus unable to watch the carnage)

Vodka Boy said...

scatchard does what he needs to do... always. he's a good albertan kid who should not be underestimated. crawford did not give him a fair chance in vancouver (other than letting him take faceoffs).

12-4 in the last 2 games... it's time to ruin washington. 3 losses in a row would be not cool. i'll be cheering on the 7th in montreal.

Colby Cosh said...

Ah, jesus. We've got Ovechkin coming to town when our goalies are looking like foundering discount mules? This is a recipe for fried shitty if I ever heard one.

Jordi said...

There can only be one explanation, Markkanen can't afford to pay the bills and is secretly letting in goals in exchange for money and snacks.

Oh yeah and, so fucking unfair.

Pleasure Motors said...

I've been trying to avoid gratuitous swearing lately, julian, but this just went conveniently with the howl thing.

In any case, I hope these last two games were just a correction/case of fatigue for our goalies: I do not look forward to a second year of goals from the half-boards.

NB Oiler Fan said...

I agree Colby... thank god the Caps are playing tonight and we get the 2nd of two in a row. We need any advantage we can get at this point.