Sunday, October 15, 2006

Garbage Man, Part 2: The Return

Edmonton 4
Colorado 3

Looks goal scoring is still outpacing the suck, just enough to squeeze out a win. Our oddball defensive corps seem all right enough, but most of the Oilers team looked like they were knee deep in molasses all night. It's a tribute to Ryan Smyth's nanosecond deflections, Petr Sykora's shot and Dwayne Roloson's sturdy goaltending that we still pulled out a win.

Colorado still finds ways to pull the odd Marek Svatos, Wojtek Wolski and Paul Stastny out of their ass just when you think they're finally going to crumble into a properly mediocre team. Of course this is all premature when you have still have Joe Sakic and Milan Hejduk zipping around, skating circles around Daniel Tjarnqvist. Still, I like this team of ours and Calgary ate dink tonight in Toronto. Enough for me. Off to bed.

Side Note: After what happened in the Stanley Cup Finals, is really necessary to pair up Matt Greene and Marc-Andre Bergeron? They have their strenghts, but one is too small for lots of work along the boards and the other is too immobile and incapable to help him. Then there's the psychological aspect. I'm not a big fan of re-enacting recent trauma, and I doubt they aren't either: both were minus two on the night.


Jordi said...

Um, well I could murder MAB and there'd be no pairing of Greene and MAB anymore. Problem solved.

mike w said...

Hm. I will table this at the next Oilogosphere High Council.

Anonymous said...

Sounded like Rolli really held them in at the end. I think maybe the boys have the confidence that he can close the door when they need it. Last year with Conkkanen in net and the last 10 minutes would have been Pepto laden.

Colorado's retro jerseys are not that bad actually.

Time to negotiate an extension with the GarbageMan now and not let it drag on and become an issue during a stretch drive or the playoffs. The guy deserves the respect that such a move would entail, Coiler for life right?


MikeP said...

Duke, Roli held them in all freaking game. It's nice to see the Oilers win one they didn't deserve, after a long stretch of years of losing games they deserved to win.

mudcrutch79 said...

mike w - I'm going to vote in favour. Seeing MAB get destroyed by Tyler goddamn Arnason did nothing for me. I know Vic and the boys say he's good bottom pairing but he's so fucking aggravating. ANd trama reminding.

gary b said...


"Pepto Laden"?

is that something George W. Bush takes when thinking about the Middle East gets his belly all churned up?


Kyle said...

Despite all the criticism Tjarnqvist is taking, Mac T sure seems to like him. He's getting the most icetime on the team, and he played over 27 minutes last night.

Anonymous said...

kyle - the other 2 D on the left side are Smid and Bergeron. Tjarnqvist is getting the ice time by default for now.


Randy in the Med Hizzo said...

I read a story that Saturday was actually Rolo's 100th career win. Not bad for a guy who's been in the league for 12 years. Good Luck, Oilerinos!

Nitin said...

Roloson was clutch...he did what a freshly signed starting goalie is supposed to do. I'm a little concerned about the D's lack of rebound control but I think we'll be importing a D-man soon. Sadly, Torres was playing horribly last night, I was and am expecting a lot more from him this season...playing with Sykora and Hemsky means at least 50 points for their 3rd winger.

This is a great blog! Thanks for linking us on your site. We have done the same.

case said...

i thought hrudey and oak were going to go at it when oak kidded about that jersey/bus incident. my money was on the light blue bandana man.

uni said...

Greene looked like he has so far this season, the smart simple play, used his body, and had his man for both goals. I don't blame Greene whatsoever for any of the Colorado goals. Bergeron though, as much as I love him, got beat 1v1 for 2 of those goals. WW just blew past him and sent that shot on net like Bergeron wasn't even there.