Friday, October 13, 2006

The Garbageman Can

In honour of our man Smyth's record-breaking natural hat trick, I thought I'd post his YouTube highlight reel, complete with Foo Fighters' "My Hero" soundtrack.

The interesting things to note:

-If there was a shot chart made for this video, the area just outside of the crease would be blacked out like a goddamn bingo card. If I may paraphrase 1970s Boston-area bumper stickers: Jesus Saves, Smyth Scores on the Rebound.

-I will say, though, for all the rebounds and tips, few of them seem "lucky": most are the result of winning the battle with the defenceman, or sneaking behind him to get into the right position. That brings to mind a question: are there any forwards in the NHL today better at one-on-one battles in front of the net than Smyth?

-The mountains of rebounds and tip-ins are punctuated by two ridiculous, impossible-angle, over-the-shoulder shots (one against Aebischer, one against Auld) that would make you think Smytty was a more prototypical 30-40 goal scorer, and is capped by a very nice rush against the 'Canes, which is again patently unSmythian.

-Lalime and Vokoun (in the middle of the clip) look practically dumbfounded by the fact Smyth has scored on the penalty shot. Vokoun turns around like someone just told him they shot his mother. Even MacT looks quite surprised that Smyth's move worked on that one.

Oh, and just cuz:


Black Dog Hates Skunks said...

What's the joke - I just read it somewhere today - if you added up the length of all of Smytty's goals you wouldn't have the length of the rink.

Love 'em.

Andy Grabia said...

Ya, and Chopper said in the post-game last night that the Oil were joking that those three goals were probably on his stick for a total of four seconds.

Chris! said...

I love the look Manny Fernandez shoots the three defencemen who watched Smyth shove the puck into the net. "Seriously: what the fuck are you guys doing? Didn't you see him coming?"

Gold. Thanks for posting this, Dave. Is it wrong that I still involuntarily pump my fist in the air on those playoff goals against Carolina?

jamestobrien said...

You guys are the greatest.

uni said...

Highlight for me has to be the penalty shot on Vokoun and MacTavish's expression after. Smiles in half-disbelief and shakes his head =)

sacamano said...

That reminds me of this article from last year when everyone on the team was making fun of Smytty's muffin shot. Some classic lines in there.

anj said...

i know this might be out of place since ryan smyth is rad, and not even your captain, but don't you think that mats sundin is the ultimate captain? i mean, he's fucking great. hat trick, 500 goals and his 15th game winner!? wow. and i'm a total oilers guy.

Anonymous said...

Not to mention all the playoff success he's led the Leafs to.

Okay that's perhaps a touch unfair, but the ultimate captain? He doesn't even have a trip to the Finals on his resume, and that's pretty weak for an Eastern Conference team.

Great player, for sure. Just not the ultimate captain.