Wednesday, October 4, 2006

I can't believe we kept losing to these guys

Hey, guess what, Colorado? You’re not allowed to be good anymore.

I’ve always assumed, due to the unfailing ability for Colorado to be a decently dominant team for the entirety of their existence, that they somehow deserved it, that it was a decent-sized American market that thoroughly supported its team, and not just a success-happy bandwagon city that had a Stanley Cup tossed into its lap and has been living in the afterglow.

This has changed my mind. I came across it during my research for a preview of the Avalanche. The Denver Posts’s NHL beat reporter calls the Tampa Bay Lightning “this year’s reigning Stanly Cup champs” TWO PARAGRAPHS after scoffing at people who are “[denigrating] hockey to rationalize their own ignorance of the sport.”

I can't believe people complain about a team in Carolina with this going on. You shouldn’t have a hockey team, period. That is ridiculous.

EDIT: Ah, nothing ruins a condescending, snarky post more than your own factual errors. Anyway, obviously Colorado is in fact a state, though I still think my sins are smaller, because I'm not CinO's American Geography beat reporter, nor did I just finishing chiding people for their ignorance of American states. But whatever: you win, Colorado—you're allowed to keep your team on a technicality.

I also find that the edited version now on the site, which calls the Lightning "until last June the reigning Stanley Cup champions for two years," while technically correct, is sort of suspect, considering it's implying they were two-time champions, not just the team that won it the year before the lockout. And I also find it very disturbing that ESPN is evidently hiring guys who need the night web editor to tell them who the latest Stanley Cup champion is. Terry Frei is a disgrace to the great city of Colorado.


Dinks said...

The city of Colorado eh?

Tapeleg said...

I would like to apologize for Terry Frei, and his misstep.

1) Terry Frei is also a writer for He should know better, but chooses poor company.

2) One reporter is just one reporter. And if he is dumb, so be it.

3) Dude. dinks is right. Colorado is not a city. Denver is. Colorado is a state. Of course, Carolina is not a state, as there is North Carolina and South Carolina. So there you have it. Everyone messes up once in a while.

Sending some hockey love from Colorado your way.

Sean said...

Sorry to point this out, but he doesn't call the Tampa Bay Lightning this year's Stanley Cup Champions. He writes:

"The Tampa Bay Lightning, until last June the reigning Stanley Cup champions for two years..."

Which is true.


Anonymous said...

Yep, you read the article wrong I'm afraid, making your post seem quite ridiculous.

Anonymous said...

Read it again. It says "The Tampa Bay Lightning, the reigning Stanley Cup champion, will be watched closely because it decided to concentrate so much of its cap space on three forwards..."

That said, those kinds of mistakes are hardly unique to American press. As a desker, I once spent a good 20 minutes arguing with the Canadian Press sports desk that the Canucks had not, in fact, traded Felix Potvin to Tampa Bay for Dan Cloutier, which is what they reported as background in a wire story.

The point? Everyone makes mistakes. The "city of Colorado" is proof of this, eh?

Anonymous said...

Hmm. Now it says "The Tampa Bay Lightning, until last June the reigning Stanley Cup champions for two years..."


pete said...

Methinks the ol' on-line editor had his way with this piece, because the transgression appears to be gone.

But the point is still valid. The city of Colorado sucks.


Garnet said...

The city of Colorado Springs sucks. We can agree on that, right?

mike w said...


Neil said...

Back in the day, I had much hatred for the Avs, so this is nice to see.

I especially remember this fateful night, after only beating them once in ten previous tries, and, well, the boxscore tells the story. I was pissed after that game.

Ditch that third jersey, I might cut them some slack. Till then, a pox on the whole city of Colorado.

uni said...

I wonder if I can get a job as the beat writer for the Avs...I mean I can't do a worse job than some of the existing ones =)

Chris! said...

Walk it off, Dave! I still think you're smart.

Also, where did all these starving wolverines come from?

DrFrankLives said...

Do they hate the idea of the Hurricanes as Champs so much that they have to skip over "last June" and go right to Tampa?

For crying out loud.



Chris! said...

Ah, that explains it. We got linked from a fan site.

You know, I appreciate their point and all, but it seems to me that your calling Colorado a city was a simple, quick-typin' mistake that says little about your intellect or general knowledge of geography. Frei's errors, on the other hand, are born out of pure ignorance about his subject. Jumping on you for a minor brain cramp seems kind of like grasping at straws.

At any rate, Colorado (the team, not the state, JUST SO WE'RE CLEAR) sure looks as though they're not going to be very good this year. Go Theodore!

Pleasure Motors said...

Meh, whatever, they called me on a brain cramp—wouldn't have been a problem if I didn't make the mistake. At the very least, most of them had the dignity to put their own name to it, so I'm willing to take the mea culpa here.

As for the one anonymouse who assumed that I had read the article wrong, as if my seething Avs-hate was so blinding I could no longer properly read English: I may be ridiculous, but you're ugly, and I can fix typos.

Acid Queen said...

I would join with you in the Colorado-bashing (especially because of the anonycoward), but since my sister lives there I kinda have to keep my yap shut.

But yes, Terry Frei does suck--ESPECIALLY because he's a Bristolero.

Tapeleg said...

We were talking about Terry Frei at a bar I go to, when one of the patrons asked the bartender if he came in. The bartender told me he did, and I said, "Good, point him out so I can kick his ass." The bartender told me they were friends, and wanted to know why I wanted to kick his ass. To that, I cowered away, and said no reason.

I now have a reason.

Mike The Sieve said...

Anonycoward? Hardly. I just have no interest in signing up for a blogger account. But since identifying yourself with some ridiculous nickname is much more courageous, I've now done that too.

I enjoy reading this blog not because I'm an Oilers fan - Go Canucks Go! - but because I think Mike, Chris and PM are hilarious. Their writing, anyway. Occasionally, I like to respond.

That said, I didn't post the first carefully considered rejoinder credited to anonymous. I posted the other two.