Saturday, October 21, 2006

Let's do this

Ah, remember the best moment of last year's playoffs? Well, those were heady times indeed, far removed from the slog of an early regular season matchup.

Detroit's off to an okay start (3-3-1) and are coming off of back-to-back losses in which they've been outscored 9-2, taking a whack of penalties along the way. Taking a gander at Hasek's 88 SVP and the aging backend of this Detroit team, along with the loss of Brendon Shanahan, I'm tempted to think this team's finally going to come back down to a more acceptable level of mediocrity. And yet I make that mistake almost every year, so I'll just save myself some time and assume this team will always be good, especially if Nicky Lidstrom is still around.

Meanwhile, webboard nerds have bitten their nails down to the quick, fretting over the lacklustre team play of this de-Pronged edition of the Oilers. The good news is that even though we give up long stretches of play, we've managed to come out on top in a few games thanks to some good goaltending. The power play looks static, our defenceman are erratic, and the Oil haven't really figured out a way to make the most out of Joffrey Lupul. In the last couple of games, training camp walk-on Patrick Thoresen has been the best player, which is good thing for Norway but a worse thing for the Oil. Hopefully, tonight the team will have more zip.

PS: Sadly, my once favourite player, Marc-Andre Bergeron, has become this year's Cory Cross. Ah Bergie, I still love you. I think.


Earl Sleek said...

they've been outscored 9-2, taking a whack of penalties along the way

This might not be applicable tonight unless you get the refereeing tandem of Brad Meier and Dan O'Rourke. Miserable pair.

Even-strength, the Wings in ANA-SJ had a combined score of 1-1.

Not to say that they're not beatable, but those two refs were ridiculous in Cali.

Mike said...

I think that may be the best photo ilustration I've ever seen in my life.

gary b said...

holy cats - look at Hemmer, all Mortal Kombat™ style and such.

Anonymous said...

Man, Onion Town is a tough place to be a defenceman. Seems like every year the 4th or 5th guy on the depth chart takes the beats for every sin in our end.

Curiously we are not as hard on the forwards (although having said that the trio of Oates, Dopita, Peca spring to mind).


Jim said...

Who made that MAB video? Because I want to ask that person what a "gaff" is.

Colby Cosh said...


mike w said...

Motherfuckin bottle of win and OILERSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSS.


And hows this Edmonoton street hockey thing going, Pleasure Motors? Don't tell me that me and my Toronto losers are outgaming my hometown.

mike w said...

er, I meant bottle of WINE. Although a bottle of win is equally delicious.

Same diff.

Dave said...

That photo illo is fucking awesome.

And thanks to the Red Wings for illustrating what happens to a tire when it dies and goes to tire heaven.

I no longer view the Michelin Man as an angel of death.

Neil said...

Just watched the highlights - God, I hate Holmstrom. He looks like that constipated egg in the Humpty's logo.

November 8th, Roli - break that ankle.

case said...

that hemmer loves cheap wing night! get that boy some ranch and a pilsner to wash that down.