Tuesday, October 17, 2006

Oilers vs. Canucks II: Electric Boogaloo

Vancouver at Edmonton
7 p.m. MT
Sportsnet, CHED, probably some mysterious internet television channel I've yet to discover

(Seriously, I've been hearing rumblings about a way to watch Oilers games online, possibly live. If you have any idea about this, email me at the contact at the bottom of the sidebar.)

Anyhow, I didn't see the game last night, obviously, but it's nonetheless pretty clear from the box score what went wrong last night: too many shots against, not enough for. Eighteen shots against Luongo is making it way too easy on the guy, but the bigger crime is exposing poor, overworked Mr. Roloson to a gaudy 37 pucks. It's a testament to his talents that the score stayed so low, but seriously, we've got to knock this shit off, get back to that stifling team defence we hauled out for the playoffs. Roloson is fifth in the league in shots against going into tonight with 162 in five games — that's just over 32 shots an outing; sounds like we're making things a little too hard on ourselves. If I could find somewhere that tracks blocked shots, I'd love to see if our weakened D has struggled in that department so far this year. Has anyone who's been watching the games noticed a difference?

But yes. A quick scan of the shift charts shows that Stoll, Moreau and Pies did a fine job of shutting down the Mattress Line, who didn't get a sniff in over 18 minutes of play, so expect that matchup from MacT again tonight. He also tended to follow that shift up with Hemsky, Sykora and Torres, who usually found themselves staring down the not entirely threatening trio of Alex Burrows, Ryan Kesler and Taylor Pyatt, and from what I've heard, had all the room in the world to work their magic, resulting in the Oilers' lone goal by Torres.

I think we're going to see a strong response from the Oil tonight. They know they've gotten off their game, they've been relying too much on Roli to bail them out, and they're going to come out with some hard checks and lot of shots. I suspect Roloson is getting a little tired, so I predict a goal-for-goal affair tonight.

5-4 Oilers, goals from Pisani, Lupul, Hemsky, Torres and Greene.


Kel said...

If you find out about an internet broadcast of the Oil games, please share! I'm stuck in St. Louis where if it ain't the Blues, it ain't on TV, and even then it's questionable. >:(

Doogie said...

I'm personally predicting a Juicy start tonight. It's a B2B, after all.

Me, I just listen to the CHED stream when I can't get to a TV. I saw the thingy to watch the PPV, but I figured it might cause the hotel to get a bit grumpy about the bandwidth use.

Colin Giles said...

Juicy gets the start tonight. Boys will be up for it.....

Anonymous said...

Sadly, our computers at work at far too archaic to handle such future technology as streaming audio. I was hoping to figure out a way to record the game onto my Mac somehow to watch after work, but yeah. It sucks working nights like this. At least if I had anormal schedule I could just get centre ice.

As I kind of thought Jussi would get the start tonight, but was thrown off by the number of comments about Roli in MacT's pregame conference. Just ran into someone who said Vancouver will be playing Sabourin as well, which strikes me as slightly crazy. Regardless, I think my prediction still stands.


She said...

Check out HF Boards- there is at least one thread in the Oilers forum for information on internet TVU.

Also; Goilers!
(if I may use the phrase coined here.)

Jordi said...

I've tried TVU and frankly it pisses me off sometimes. But if you're desperate it's better than nothing. If you're willing to run a bitorrent client, there's cif-forums which has every single game to download, some available right after the game sometimes.

Juicy! Jussi!

Anonymous said...

A quick scan of the shift charts shows that Stoll, Moreau and Pies did a fine job of shutting down the Mattress Line, who didn't get a sniff in over 18 minutes of play

Uhhh, from my vantage point in GM Place, it sure seemed to me that les artistes had alot more then a sniff - if not for a couple great saves by Roli, and several posts les artistes would likely have had a couple points each. They dominated that line.

Anonymous said...

Go to forum.viidoo.com, click download, then click the Download Now button.
Open the zip file and run the setup program.
Then run the TVU program and tune to either channel 10025. Sometimes 10065 also shows NHL games.
To find out what games will be showing each night, go to the Hockey board in the forum.

Mike The Sieve said...

And from my vantage point on my sofa, I saw "the not entirely threatening trio of Alex Burrows, Ryan Kesler and Taylor Pyatt" come up with a goal. In fact, I think the Oilers should send their stinky pimp jacket to Pyatt.

SmythSezNoQuestion said...

Forgot to put my handle in above, and forgot to add -- TVU appears to be spyware/adware/virus free.
However, you may have to configure your firewall to allow special access to TVU from other Internet sources.
I've watched two games on it so far, and it's great!

Anonymous said...

What part of the extremely qualified statement "not entirely threatening" make you think I somehow missed that Pyatt scored the Canucks' winning goal, Mike? I know how to read scoresheets.

Anonymous said...

that, obviously, was me.

And thanks to everyone who's posted here and emailed me about the magic of TVU. Sadly, it seems to not yet be avaiable for Mac, though, so I'm probably still out of luck..


Anonymous said...

Burrows, Kesler and Pyatt didn't even play with each other. Kesler was playing with Bulis & Morrison, Pyatt was playing with Chouinard & Linden, and Burrows was playing with Cooke and Green.

Anyways, who really cares.

JavaGeek said...

Sabourin is expected to play in net for the Canucks. This is the guy who struggled to prevent goals with Calgary's defense (03-04). (108th overall...)

Anonymous said...

anonymous, thanks for clearing that up. I was trying to put together the lines based on a squinty shift chart and Yahoo's depth charts. Good to know that's probably not the way to go in the future.

And indeed, who really cares? Let's stop living in the past and focus on tonight's Oilers ass-kicking.

Beck said...

That TVU works perfectly. I'm watching the game on it right now.

Anonymous said...

2-1... not the tilt I was expecting. But I'll take it.

Anyone see the game? What'd I miss?


Mike The Sieve said...

Chris, I wish I could reply with a witty retort, but I can't. The Canucks lost and the Oilers didn't. Well played, Jussi.