Thursday, October 12, 2006

Ryan Smyth scores three ridiculous goals, Oil win

Edmonton 6
San Jose 4

Ah, so this is what scoring depth gets ya: drop a three goal lead and score 5 straight goals to take the game! I like. Nice to see a game live up to its advanced billing, so that even if no one in the US is really watching, the rest of us know how good the game can be: two hat tricks by Jonny Cheechoo and Ryan Smyth, bunch of silly breakaways, and as a nice little poolie bonus, Hemsky took an inexplicable 8 minutes in penalties.

A smaller victory is that referee Mick MaGoo was thwarted from stealing the show (does this guy ever take a night off?). I can't believe this guy gets all the playoff games just because he calls everything and waves his "no goal" arms frantically like an overturned beetle. Also, nice new helmet, scuzzbag!

Aside from about six or seven quality Thornton-to-Cheechoo chances, it was nice to see the Oil dominate the even strength game with superior puck control deep in San Jose’s end. San Jose’s young defence still looks a little flabby, and it should be obvious to anyone that Toskala should be the number one dude on that team. Hard to knock our team defence when almost all of them end up being pluses on the night.

Oil Splurts:

- Nice to see training camp walk-on Patrick Thoresen get his first NHL goal: kind of my new Radek Dvorak, except he looks like he can score some goals!

- Ryan Smyth breaks Wayne Gretzky’s Oilers’ record for the fastest three goals by a single player. I mentally threw my baseball cap on the ice, if that makes any sense (it does to me, alone in my creepy bachelor apartment, watching hockey at one in the morning).

- For all of my bravura, I am still afraid of this team with its Berniers and Marleaus, and I worry that one day they might actually figure it out and destroy the Western Conference.

- A Toronto Maple Leafs fan, knowing that Ryan Smyth wasn't the best skater or shooter, asked me what made Ryan Smyth a thirty goal scorer: is there anyone better at tipping the puck in front of the net?

- Ironically, I have it on good authority (from a friend and former waitress) that Ryan Smyth is not a great tipper when it comes to restaurant bills. I suppose it all evens out after tonight.

Some FSN San Jose broadcast notes:

“We’re from beautiful downtown Edmonton, on the mighty banks of the North Saskatchewan River!” Beautiful? Mighty? Ah, they’re being nice because Pronger made us feel bad.

Surprise of the night: Marty McSorley isn’t a half-bad colour commentator.

GAME RATING: 9 Marty McSorleys out of 10 concussed Donald Brashears


mudcrutch79 said...

Oh I beg to differ on Marty McSorley. Apparently you can't lift a guy's stick anymore on a breakaway but you CAN club him like a fish if you want to start a fight. Who knew?

Fuck that was a glorious, glorious game for our Oilers. Calgary through 4 games: 5 goals. Edmonton tonight: 6.

Anonymous said...

Actually they credited Winchester with the first goal, not Thoreson, it kinda sucks since I was pretty stoked about him scoring.

mike w said...

>Actually they credited Winchester with the first goal

You sure about that? It's an hour and a half after the game and Yahoo and still have it as Thoresen's marker.

Looks like you can go back to being stoked!

Also Mudcrutch: YOU ARE NOT ALLOWED TO DIFFER. And what's this I hear about you trolling around on Calgary Flames webboards and getting banned? You nut.

mudcrutch79 said...

Look at the evidence. I did nothing wrong. I was witty. WITTY!

Steve said...

Question before the game: How will the Oilers' underwhelming defensive corps perform in the face of San Jose's top flight offensive talent?

Answer: It doesn't fucking matter.

Man, I feel like setting fire to something on Whyte.

Doogie said...

Started out as Winchester's goal, but it has since been granted to the mighty Thor.

Aram Dellalian said...

What a GAME!!! I watched the SJ feed...a bit annoying, but it was great to see them eat their words early in the third. FOooooooookin awesome!

James Mirtle said...

So... the Oilers fans all had the San Jose feed while I watched whatever that Edmonton broadcast was?

What on earth is going on?

(I've heard McSorley on a few games this year and liked his work.)

sacamano said...

What's with the D-vo rip.

You cut me Mike. You cut me deep.

Anonymous said...

At the risk of starting this again, D-Vo sucked. He sucked last year and he still sucks. I have little doubt that wherever he is right now, whatever he's doing, he is in some manner sucking.

Good win. Nice offensive explosion.


mike w said...

Ah yes, the classic "does Dvorak suck or not suck?" debate.

Sacamano, wherever you are, you know my man mancrush on D-Vo was deep and long, but we both know the guy hasn't scored more 15 goals in 5 years (his totals this year, sadly: 4 games and 0 points). He got assists though!

Red Baitin' Fact of the Day: The Flames have only scored 5 goals all season. Haha!

Alana said...

What a great score to wake up to this morning! Happy fricken Birthday, Roli!

Scarlett said...

What a great game. When it was 4-1, I said one more SJ goal and I'm outta Rexall. But 5 straight by the Oil, yeah baby!!!

Winchester was announced as the goal scorer, but nice to hear it was Thorenson. And Smitty gets his 500th point too! Great game!

Sean said...

Mike, I also have to differ. I've never been more irritated by a broadcast duo. Everytime he said "Joe passes the puck", or "Joe is so good at finding the open ice" a little part of me died inside. Ever second thing McSorley said was something about how the Oilers "took liberites" with whatever Shark he was talking about at the time.

But what a game!

Sean said...

And let's not forget McSorley whining about how the fans didn't throw their hats for Cheechoo.

D. said...

I was following online up until 2-1. When I came back it was 4-1 and I got depressed. I had visions of McGoof haunting us for the rest of the season.

I decide to watch tv, thinking the game was lost. I check the boards and it is 6-4. Unbelievable!! Long live the mullet!! Just when I was telling my friends that I felt bad that Smytty missed out on the first couple of games. Must watch the highlights tonight!

Go Oilers!

Randy in the Med Hizzo said...

Speaking as a guy who has Lupul, Ceechoo and Smyth in his hockey pool. Awesome.

case said...

smytty deserves 3 corn mazes now!

as a forgotten side note mike, i watched the second calgary game at the black dog. 2 loud female fans came into the underdog chanting "whoo flames" and "go flames" and "flames rule".

some responses were.

"go whores"
"shut up you sluts"
"you're both ugly"
"get out of this bar"
"we all hate you"

then a hot-oil-mama pushed one of them down and they were stopped from fighting.damn oiler hooligirlism.

mike w said...

Good to see, Case, good to see. The trickle-down patriarchy is alive and well (I have no idea what I just wrote means).

Colby Cosh said...

Whatever it means, it sounds pretty sexy.

Anonymous said...

due to my brother's friendship through school w/ joe t.'s brother john t. i now get shark tix when they come thru town. back in march when hemsky scored w/ 1 min. to go was the first game. after the game, in the bowels of rexall i was talkin to thornton the first thing he said to me n my buddy was "sorry we didn't win for you guys" (?) to which we responded through shit eatin grins...that's ok joe...HEMSKY!!! this year i was hopin (but doubtin) that the tickets would keep comin' this time he put in fuckin row 3 just over nabokov's right shoulder for periods 1 +3. prime seats to watch smytty's miracle hat trick. if this keeps up he won't be givin' me any more tickets... but until then, thanks again joe see ya in late January...and wooooo goilers wooooo

That Craig Guy From The Black Dog

Anonymous said...

mick magoo can go F*ck a dog that idiot...hand pass hand pass my ass......and damn y does turco have to be so good. AAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAARRRRRRRRRRGGGGG MAGOO IS AN IDIOT.

k im done