Wednesday, October 25, 2006

You broke our heart, Chris.

Edmonton at Anaheim
8 p.m. MT

You broke our heart.

6-3 Oilers.
I don't care who scores. Smith will fight Pronger.


Anonymous said...

Well played, sir. Well played.


Scarlett said...

I want two things: an Oiler's victory and Pronger's face rubbed into the glass.

Andy Grabia said...


Chris! said...

6-3, huh? Close, but reversed. Looks like I let my jingoism get the better of me there, because in my heart of hearts, this 6-2 loss should have been expected.

A strong win by a really good team — the first one we've played this year. Anaheim's defensive positioning is astounding, and although Hemsky managed to slip through the cracks a couple of times, we didn't see much daylight between us and Giguere tonight. And man, that Getzlaf is a player. Did you see the bladework on his first goal? Guy looked like a young Fleury out there.

Oilers defence needs work if we're going to stand a chance against teams like these. We were dying in the neutral zone without that strong first pass out of our end. Liked Greene tonight, though. Winchester, too; he looks like he's feeling a little less entitled to his 4 line spot, finally.

Anyhow, great game by the Ducks. Exposed a lot of our team's weaknesses, and that's the only way we'll improve.

Still, thank god we've got the Coyotes up next to punch a few holes in and get our spirits back up.

Colby Cosh said...

Unless my memory's shot, I think Fleury comes up just a little short of 6'4".

uni said...

Also at 160lbs, I think I might have a pound or two off of what Fleury checks in at.

Chris! said...

I was referring to his shot, but thanks for the physiology lesson all the same, gentlemen!