Friday, November 3, 2006

Ah, hell. Here come the Stars.

Dallas (10-2-0) at
Edmonton (7-5-0)
7:30 p.m. MT
Sportsnet, CHED

Fans of Edmonton and Calgary alike have managed to find some common ground of late, as both Alberta teams are in the midst of a tailspin, each going 1-3 in their last four games. Though it's been nice to have the company, I imagine our mutual downward trajectory will probably end tonight, as the Flames get a chance to get their goals on against the predictably assy Blue Jackets (who at 3-6-1, incidentally are actually one loss less assy than Calgary. Amazing, that). The Oilers, meanwhile? We get the friggin' Dallas Stars.

Yeah the Stars: remember them? That team that kicks our ass for fun most every year, but is especially likely to do so tonight, considering they're off to a franchise-best 10-2 start with a 5-1 road record, during which time they've allowed a minuscule 13 goals against, thanks to Marty Turco's sunblocking 1.99 GAA and .931 sv%? Yeah, that's them. You excited? Me neither.

I was commenting to Mike the other day that I've felt my relentlessly optimistic homerism was getting the better of me lately, considering I've yet to call an Edmonton loss this year, even when I could smell one coming a mile away (Anaheim, Nashville). In case you can't tell, this ends today, because come on: I'd have to have a "Get Electric" thunderstick lodged in the hockey centre of my brain to think Edmonton can compete against this team the way we've been playing lately. We need a monster game from Roli tonight (though if I were coach, I'd be tempted to put Markannen in tonight and see if he can't pull out another team-rallying Dallas upset and give Roloson something to think about, but I know that's not going to happen), and our defence needs to play at least six different kinds of better if we're going to stay in this one long enough to try and score our way out.

I hate to join the dogpile, but Bergeron is starting to become a clear liabilty. I don't know why he looks so lost out there, but he's playing himself right out of a job; how long can this go on before Jan Hejda or Tom Gilbert gets a call? The press box might do this kid some good, settle his head down a bit. Looks like the pressure is getting to him.

Anyhow, I'm staying miles away from the TV tonight, because no way do I want to watch the Oilers slowly bleed to death in a stifling 3-2 loss. hhhh


Doogie said...

I'm saying 5-2 Stars, with a debris shower after Lindros pots his hat-trick goal.

Black Dog Hates Skunks said...

I'm saying 4-0 Stars with Torres removing Lindros's spleen with his teeth at centre ice when the final whistle blows.

Jim said...

5-1 Stars with the only Oil goal being a fluke by Bergeron.

mike w said...

Ah, the old reverse-psychology karmic fakeout.

I often pre-emptively call a loss on purpose to get a win, and it seems to work about 50 per cent of the time.

Oilers lose 12-0.

kinger said...

4-2 stars.

Neil said...

Modano & Zubov. It's always Modano & Zubov. Dallas could dress just those two and they'd probably still get the first shot on goal.

Hopefully Turco is too busy reminding schoolchildren that the season has started.

3-2 Stars.

Anonymous said...

Modano does feast on us, why is that? He belongs to a long list of Coiler killers.

Has anyone else noticed how we give every dog it's day? Everytime I see us up against a rookie goalie, new head coach, team on a long losing streak or other some fate filled match I know we're going to lose. I'm not seeing any story line here unless the Stars start the back-up, so I am calling a COILER VICTORY! Winning goal by Toby Peterson.

Keep in mind that I live half way around the world and my opinion is based purely on internet highlights and the word of God (Rod Philips) but I would call Tjarnquist more of a pylon than Bergeron. Who is the worst defenceman really?


Anonymous said...

WHAT A SURPRISE! Dallas is up 2-0 after outshooting us 14-5, and the first period isn't even over. Have we ever started a game against the Stars in any other way?

God dammit.


Anonymous said...

WHAT A SURPRISE! Dick Magoo fucks us again.

Anonymous said...

Magoo is an idiot! the guy who dreched him desrves a medal.

Scarlett said...

Good thing you didn't watch this game. It was horrible. Well the Oil played not bad (awful in the first, pretty good the rest of the way) but the disallowed goal? Oh my god. I was there tonight, and I thought the place was going to riot. Bad bad bad bad call. McGeough needs to be suspended for that horrible call. A hand pass on the faceoff? I can't remember the last time that was called. So bad!!!!!