Saturday, November 4, 2006

Guh? Buh!?

I'm probably too mad (drunk? yeah, drunk) to spend much time writing about this, but um, WHAT THE HELL WAS THAT!? I'm still trying to figure out if referee Mick McGeough is even allowed to make the call that ultimately cost us the game, let alone how it makes me feel.

Nothing could be more succinct than something straight off of TSN, so I'll leave it at that:

"It was a blown call on my part," he said after the game. "It was poor judgment on my part. I thought he had his hand on the puck on the face-off but it was his stick. My judgment was poor on the play."

The soldout crowd at Rexall Place littered the ice with debris following the call.

"It was a retarded call," Oilers head coach Craig MacTavish snapped. "There is no other explanation for it. I know he is a veteran official and at times I have found his antics humorous. But if this is the product of that there is a problem.

"It was a ridiculous call. I had no idea what he had called. Nobody saw the hand pass on the play because quite clearly there wasn't one. It's beyond reason. "He should be suspended."
You know it's a bad call when MacT feels free to describe it as retarded -- especially when there's a trainer named Joey Moss with Down's Syndrome four feet away when he's making the quote. You know he's mad. As we all should be.

Special Moment Father/Son Fun Fact: I remember my dad taking me to a Whalers game somewhere around 1991-92, and I think we were behind a goal. With minutes left, a superbeyond ridiculous call went against the Oilers, with some young William Shatner ref waving his arms like an idiot to make the call. This was probably the first time I remembered a ref's name, and his name was Mick McGeough. Years later, he would almost ruin the Oilers chances in game 3 of the Stanley Cup Playoffs. Tonight, he cost us a game.

The morale: throw more shit on the ice when Mick MaGoo breezes threw town, preferably before the game starts.


Scarlett said...

Mad? I'm beyond mad. I'm ready to hire a hit man.

Anonymous said...

"It's bad enough that MacT says it's retarded -- especially when there's a trainer named Joey Moss with Down's Syndrome four feet away when he's making the quote."

Are you kidding me?! With all the pandemonium that just took place and MacT comming stright from its roar, thats what you thought of. Pretty gay dude. Whoops, I said gay and your probably reading this from less then 4 feet away. sorry :(

Phat Lemur said...

Hey, jackass who was too brave to leave a name, Joey Moss is a member of this team. You want to be a bigot? Go cheer for the Canucks.

uni said...

I never ceases to amaze me how shit always seems to float to the top in sports officiating. How guys like Micky and Darrell Hair manage to stay so long, and draw such important games.

Jordi said...

It was a heat of a moment thing, MacT had some worse things in store but that was for after the game. It's like when I suddenly shouted "Japanese men are pervs" in a train in Japan. People move on.

mike w said...

>Whoops, I said gay and your probably reading this from less then 4 feet away.


Garnet said...

The vox populi:

Oiler Joe said...

I remember watching an Avs/Oiler game at Rexall in the late '90s. It was a close game in the third period and the Oilers were called for a 4 minute high sticknig penalty which actually turned out to be an accidental Joe Sakic high stick on his own player. The Oil ended up being 2 men down for a full 2 minutes and lost the game because of it. I can't say for certain, but I'm pretty sure the official that game was MM. It's moments like these that I start to believe the anti-Oiler conspiracy (or pro-Dallas/Colorado/NYR etc). Anyone ever remember when the Oilers were shorthanded for like 9 or 11 minutes. It wasn't from a bunch of incidents but the outcome of a brawl in which one Oiler player was given a double minor and a fighting major and the opposing team nothing. Another poorly officiated moment. Oh, why does the NHL have to be so stupid and put TWO bozos on the ice at once?

Steve said...

Hey Oiler Joe,

I remember that game too, and it was Don Koharski - who I still hate more than I will ever be able to hate Magoo.

case said...

that call was totally gay dude. as gay as saying totally gay dude. who's the gay dude now mother fucker!