Thursday, November 2, 2006

If you needed another way to waste time on the internet...

Well, I had something else on the go, but clearly this takes precedence, especially with the preponderance of non-Edmonton, non-PC Oiler fans who read/post on this blog: with a hat tip to Jes Golbez, I've learned that the NHL is now offering games for viewing on Google.

I'm not sure how timely these are going to be (so far the most recent game posted for us is the win against Washington, which seems to be the norm), but they also offer classic videos which, inexplicably, means our unforgettable battle with the Minnesota North Stars in the 1991 Western final (?). I checked, and the videos do extend into the 1980s, so I can only assume this is the NHL's way of telling Edmontonians to stop living in the past.

Anyway, this should be pretty much a perfect resource for people like me whose schedules only occasionally permit the watching of Oilers games, and more or less never allow for the watching of games from around the league. Now, when I want to talk about how slow and ineffective Derian Hatcher is, or how Minnesota does not in fact play a boring style (though I guess that point is pretty much moot this year), or how inept Calgary's offence is, I can turn to the video evidence.

It's still free, though I can't imagine that will last terribly long (that said, if the games are always about five days behind, I can't really see why they'd start charging). Hurry now or you might miss the only chance you'll ever get to see the Maple Leafs winning the Stanley Cup.


Doogie said...

I watched the first period of that '67 game; man, the Leafs' special teams sucked that period. Lucky the Habs didn't score.

joninabox said...

There really is nothing funnier than following the Leafs' link and getting a black and white video.