Saturday, November 4, 2006


As promised, I didn't watch the game last night, so is the first time I've seen what all the commotion was about. This is just ... an unreal call. I guess as an Oilers fan you just have to let it go, but holy dinks. Surely there's some sort of reprimand mechanism in place that will keep McGeough at least fifty miles from another Oilers game for the rest of his career.

Anyhow, this video is courtesy of kinger from Always On The Road, a hot new Oilers blog will lots of original video. He seems to think that last night is exactly the sort of thing the Oilers need to wake up from their slump, but yeah. I'm not ready to be optimistic just yet. I'm still a day behind the rest of you on this.



Pleasure Motors said...

The Oilers are just piling up candidates for the Zapruder film.

I wasn't watching the game, because I was at a wedding, but wow. Seriously, wow. I remember back in the mid-'90s, my family used to complain about an anti-Oiler sentiment among the refs, and how we always used to get shortchanged, especially by the old guard. I always passed it off as homerist crank, but after watching this--wow. I thought I hated McGeough before.

Now, who wants to predict the Oilers miss the playoffs by one point? What I wouldn't give to have watched MacT in the refs room two minutes after the game, if he called McGeough retarded in public.

SweatyO said...

I hope the Oilers don't let that happen, miss the playoffs by a point.

Losers make excuses, winners fuck the prom queen.

Magoo, that son of a bitch. I can't wait for the HNIC pregame show tonight, it's going to be wild. Cherry will probably tear Magoo a new asshole too.

It's hard enough to stomach on it's own, but add in a blatant goaltender interference call that was miss on the Big chEat, and this is a fucking disgrace to the entire NHL.

Simon said...

I'm just wondering what you all think is appropriate for a coach like MacTavish to do in that situation.

I recognize the limited influence you have in that situation. Sometimes you hear about teams in other sports refusing to go back on the field when controversies erupt.

Is something like that ever worthwhile or do you just have to suck it up and move on?

Bill Needle said...

Here's what's appropriate: demand McGeough's resignation from the NHL because last night obviously proved that the game has past him by.

If he refuses... fired for incompetence.

Garnet said...

NHL just fined MacT $10,000, so I guess we won't be hearing too many NHL coaches call for Magoo's head any time soon.

Scarlett said...

I personally think this is going to fire up the Oilers and they're going to have a great road trip. Get that edge back boys! Maybe they needed something like this to happen. Sure it wasn't their best game, but they put themselves in a position to win. They battled back, that's Oilers hockey. So I think this is going to motivate them.

So MacT is fined 10 grand. What about McPoo....I mean McGoo? Where his fine or suspension????

Coluch said...

The fine against McTavish is not unwarranted if indeed the NHL wants to simply be the politically correct language police. However, if the NHL wants to enforce the quality of the game (something that is entirely unaffected by coaches' comments), the League should be focusing on fixing some unfortunate officiating problems. This was a game where the losing team actually won, and the difference was the referees, hands down, as evidenced by video.

A Dallas goal that WAS reviewable, but was allowed to stand despite the glaring evidence and an outcry from the goaltender. Why wasn't the play reviewed? Referee pride? Aren't plays like this why we HAVE the replay judge in place? Is it always up to the refs pride when deciding whether or not to go upstairs for the call? If that's the case, it has to change.

Next, a disallowed goal based on an imaginary hand-pass. Possible causes of this:
1) Ref is willing to make calls when he's not in position to do so.
2) Ref doesn't feel that a clear view of a play is necessary to make a call.
3) Ref has vision problems/ hallucinations.
4) Any or all of the above unacceptable scenarios for a professional level referee.

Pleasure Motors said...

After some more reflection, really, the worst part of all of this is the fact everything is meaningless except for Magoo's fuck up. We can show slow-motion replays, question Magoo's moral integrity, pay MacT's fine, even take out a contract on his life, but it's still 3-2 Dallas. Even NHL-sanctioned discipline on Magoo, which the realist in me knows will be private and muted, if there is any at all, means nothing.

Not that I'm saying none of the above wouldn't be satisfying, just ultimately fruitless. Magoo's call reminds us of the meaningless of all existence, his spastic, jackass arms waving off all accomplishment and future hope.


Doogie said...

Magoo's call reminds us of the meaningless of all existence, his spastic, jackass arms waving off all accomplishment and future hope.

That's got to be the most eloquent, yet nihilistic statement I've ever read regarding a hockey game. I don't think I saw anything like this, even after Games 1 and 7.

Oh, and to join the chorus: fucking booooooooooooooooo.

Anonymous said...

Does anyone know if it's possible to force Magoo to resign? Get a petition or something?

Neil said...

MacT was bang on with his comments at the morning skate. McGeough always has to be the show. He's hard to miss in the first place, but when he starts with the "hummingbird" or the "judo chop", you just pray for the inevitable cardiac arrest.

Damn shame that this happened at the end of the game, when all the beer cups were empty.

case said...

magoo was so far away. all the oilers should pink belly him. with hockey sticks and throwing stars.

Anonymous said...

listening to kelly "shithead" hrudey on hnic post game was brutal. sayin that the "out to get the oilers" conspiracy theory was the furthest thing from the truth ? uh ok maybe it isn't the 100% truth...then what does he think it was
1. pure fuckin incompetence ?
2. a fat arm waving showboat costing us 1-2 points ?
3. m'goo being m'goo ?

that pic of m'goo is gettin' me all upset again...motherless fuck

the worst part personally ?
i was watchin the game at the black frog in vancouver w/ my cousin and told him that the oil is capable of any comeback
his response of course : dude c'mon it's like 5 seconds
me: i can see the clock man i know it's 5 seconds but do you know that this is the fuckin' oil?
him: holy shit man i can't believe you called that comeback
me (extra smugly):that's my oil man, i fuckin told y...what the fuck is goin on with m'goo,oh fuck me...fuck

swearing is up 80% fuck

that craig guy

Anonymous said...

Horrible call. But do you guys really think the league is out to "get" the Oilers?

McGoo just sucks. The fans of half the teams in the league think he has it in for them. That's because his bad calls are all the more memorable because of his showboating style.

mike w said...

No, I do not think MaGoo is "out ot get" the Oilers.

I think he's just a bad ref.

Anonymous said...

Well, good, you've got your head on straight. I was mostly addressing the poster above me, craig. Also pleasure motors, in the first post, implied there is indeed some sort of conspiracy.