Saturday, November 18, 2006

Y'all ready for this?

Doo Doo Do-Do-Do Doo-Doo Do-Do DOO DOO!!

Sorry, I just felt like sending out a little shoutout to 2Unlimited, the inexplicable hockey crowd favourite, staid musical peanut butter to NHL hockey's jam. Me and the Toronto gang of ex-Edmontonians are off to find a place with a big screen TV, this time in my little neck of the woods (High Park, which is full of indifferent non-hockey fan Ukrainians that bud in line at my local deli).

Greg Millen is in good form, talking about "how Ryan Smyth gets away with it," interfering with goalies in front of the net, along side a bunch of clips in which Ryan Smyth is doing no such thing. For a guy who has the looks of an umarried aunt, it's hard to believe Millen was ever an athlete that played in the NHL. Zing! ...Off to the bar!


mike w said...

Oilers win! Raffi "Woody Allen" Torres gets his self-esteem back!!

Too tipsy to recap.


Dave said...

As the photo of 2Unlimited clearly proves, the secret to success is how much gold you sport on the upper region of your body. Ergo, Roli = excellent. I'm sure he's considered getting that glove gilded as well. Love that 1st period highlight reel save -- totally worth the baker's dozen ulcers gained from watching the shoot-out.