Friday, December 1, 2006

Covered in other Oilbligations?

First off, I'd like to take a second to apologize on behalf of Mike, PM and I that we haven't had much time to post on the blog lately.We've each been pretty busy over the last little while, hunched over our respective keyboards furiously pounding out copy for destinations other than here — and though I'd like to say that we'll start posting every day again once school and work slows down, I think we're all old enough to know an empty promise when we hear one. But dammit, you know the desire is there. We've got HEART, people. We've got GRIT, and we're going to fight through this shit TOGETHER.

Anyhow, I just wanted to say how awesome it is that so many of you stick with this site despite our occasionally scattershot and unreliable posting habits. It's always great to see your insightful, often-more-accurate-than-our-drunken-table-pounding comments spring up whenever we do get around to formulating an opinion about these Oilers of ours. So yes. Thanks. You guys rock.

But you know who doesn't rock, madams and boy-madams? The Oilers. The blog-posting supercomputer masquerading as a human being with interests named Andy on BoA (a site that is, in case you didn't notice the posts or the sidebar tag, up for a Canadian Blog Award and deserves your daily vote) has noted that last night's 7-3 dismantling at the hands of the Avalanche dredged up a few painful memories of yesteryear. Thankfully, like last year's game, I wasn't near a TV for this one either, but boy was it fun to watch the score creep up, up, up on Yahoo Sports at work last night. To be honest, though, I'm not filled with quite the same amount of dread by this landslide defeat as I was last October's — I don't think the Oilers' ego is as fragile as it was last year, and I fully expect them to bounce back against Columbus tomorrow — but still, attention must be paid.

Our lack of a puck-moving defenceman is a solvable problem, and it must be addressed now. The comments in the previous post note that while it would be great to pursue someone like Lubomir Visnovsky (pictured above, no doubt dreaming of playing for a team in a city that has only three months of T-shirt weather a year) or Brad Stuart right now, we may have no choice but to wait until the deadline when the bubble teams are sure they're out of the playoffs and feel comfortable dismantling their squad for futures. I'm not sure I agree. While it certainly would be cheaper to wait until the deadline to make a trade, both in terms of players and salary, this team needs help now, and it's not outside the realm of sanity to pay a little more now to coax a team like the Kings or the Bruins (who even now can't honestly be expecting to see the post-season this year) to part with a No. 2 defenceman posthaste in exchange for some size and offensive potential.

We've got some pretty good pieces on the block in Torres, Bergeron, Winchester, Schremp and Anaheim's No. 1 pick — and indeed, it's kind of amazing that the Oilers are deep enough to move any to all of these guys without crippling our roster at all — who could all likely help another team a lot more than they're helping us right now. So why wait? Get something done. Overpay now for a defenceman that can help us pick up some wins. Because if we wait until March, it might be too late.

We all keep throwing out names like Visnovsky and Stuart, but for all I know Lowe's got his sights set on another out-of-nowhere guy like Spacek (Aaron Ward?) for later on down the line. Stuart's having a tough year in Boston and he seems like a likely target, though to be honest I can't shake the feeling that he's got a bit of an Eric Brewer streak to him and we don't need any more headcases. For my money, Visnovsky's the kind of player the Oilers sorely need. I'd flip Torres and Winchester — hell, even Torres and Stoll — for that guy and a utility forward today. Let's get this train back on track.


Anonymous said...

I left a similar comment elsewhere but I thought I'd throw this around. I'm really disapionted with the Oilers right now. From K-Lowe stalling on what really needs to be done right now or more realisticaly, four games ago, and Getting a defenseman. He's got the assets, and there won't be a better year for the team to make a real push for the cup.
Also, it's too much for me to forgive them making such a huge game pay per view. Then choking at the end. Do they have any pride at all, when a former teammate just walks in like the king of the world and takes the win away. without a fight or even getting hit.(Winchester fought the wrong man, he could have been a Hero)
And then I read that they were taking signs and kicking people out. people who pay their bills, many of whom probably paid scalper $ to get tickets. who spent the time to think out and make very sincere signs to show off, only to have them confiscted.
The organization and the media took the feeling out of this one when they should have let us go with it. to top it all off, I just read a quote of Pronger saying "it wasn't too bad. Obviously I expected worse"

I Hate the Oilers right now. (and TSN, as well as the Sun)

Eyeris said...

Well, for very selfish reasons, I won't mind Lowe dealing Torres/Winchester/Stoll to Boston because the Bruins are fucking horrible to watch right now. And considering the Bruins (and the Flyers) are the only teams that VS deem worthy to show on their network feed around here, perhaps Torres et al could make the games less boring and predictable. At this point, people would rather watch the BU vs Harvard games.

Black Dog said...

Don't look now but the Bruins aren't dead yet which means we're waiting if we want Stuart and he may not even become available.

But agreed chris! they can use someone on the back end and they have the assets to move - we'll see - Andy has made a good point a few times - for all we know Lowe has been on the phone for the last month and while we want him to make a move we don't want him making a stupid move. For all we know the Bruins are offering Mark Stuart for Smid or Pouliot and while we want a Dman we want a good one and at a reasonable price.


Showing my age - cautious.

James Mirtle said...

What's my site deserve? A daily nutshot?

I gotta start writing about the Oil more.