Saturday, December 30, 2006

From now on my new favourite sport is Jai-Alai

Vancouver 6
Edmonton 2

13 goals against in two games, a flaccid powerplay, and a bunch of Oilers running into each other on the ice: another fine performance by this insecure nerd of a team.

With a third straight loss and a all-round terrible December, it's hard not to repeatedly pound my fists on the panic button -- but yet, the Oilers are still within pouncing distance of first place in the once-formidable Northwest Division,
and their reasonable record (18-17-2) belies their inconsistent play on the ice.

Perhaps we Oilers fans have been spoiled by last year's success, but I doubt it: the goal is to make the playoffs, plain and simple. Yet, I haven't seen the Oilers play this bad positionally in a long time, and the defence is a mess (the big tip off is seeing a dreadful Marc-Andre Bergeron still getting rewarded with 20 minutes of ice time). Things are bad.

I blame... god?


Jes GÅ‘lbez said...

How do the Canucks score 6 goals two games in a row? Even Rory "All Star" Fitzpatrick had a point tonight. Good stuff!

Jordi said...

Fuck this. Right in the goddamned ear.

Eyeris said...

Umm, you have the score as 7-4. It's much more depressing once you remember that the Oilers mustered only 2 goals against the Canucks. And one of them was from Marc-Antoine "wait, you're on the team?!" Pouliot.

Let's hope they'll turn it around once December ends.

Anonymous said...

Why the surprise? Last year's team was a .500 team that rode a hot goalie and one or two scorers to within a game of the Cup. But teams like that never actually win the Cup, they just get a close look at it, and return to playing .500 hockey. I think the fans are indeed spoiled and the standard is totally unreasonable for a decent, not great, team.

Sure it's been a bad month. There will be better months. But all told, they'll still be a .500 team and it will be a battle for the 8th spot.

mike w said...

oops. 6-2. I guess my mind was elsewhere, in a regulation loss fog.

Anonymous said...

"...insecure nerd of a team."

Best metaphors anywhere.

Anonymous said...

Iginla just scored, fucksakes.


God said...

Use capitals or I will keep the losing streak going.