Sunday, December 31, 2006

Goodbye to all that

"... and he's surprisingly open in the slot!" ~ Roger Millions, Sportsnet West Sportscaster

Calgary 2343309

Edmonton 0

Okay, it's only the second intermission but I'm already notching this game up as a loss. Dudes, this hurts. Big time [quietly thumps a fist against his chest].

There simply isn't enough goat horns to hand out on this one: goals were handed to the Flames on a diamond-studded platter, in the form of mishandled pucks and beyond terrible defensive zone coverage (notably on the fourth goal, when Jan Hejda followed Matt Greene into the corner for some reason]. For those of you keeping track, this is 15 goals in the last 8 periods. Blechh.

Most egregious, and emblematic of the game as a whole, was Shawn Horcoff's braindead hooking penalty late in the first which lead to Calgary's third goal. What was he thinking? It was an old NHL hook, with full-on pumping motion from behind on a guy he wasn't going to catch. The only solace that comes from this out-and-out colonic of a game is knowing that something will have to be done, sooner than later. Maybe nothing big, but some sort of trade for a half-decent defenceman.

This is the one night I can drink and sulk and not look out of place. New Year's are usually just over-expensive nights trying to the find the better party, so I'm gonna shove off and get a headstart.

Happy New Year's to everyone, except Craig Simpson!


Scarlett said...

The only good news from tonight, Pronger broke his foot. I think all of us Oiler fans need a good laugh. Otherwise, it's a rough night to be an Oiler fan.

Oh finally a brawl. Oh nevermind, a quickie.

Anonymous said...

Pronger broke his foot? Nice. The Ducks also lost AGAIN. That's 2 in a row!

Epinonymous said...

I like it. Lowe has to deal.

mudcrutch79 said...

On Pronger breaking his foot on the last night of the year...I like to think it's God taking a look at the ledger and going wait a minute: "Fucked prominent Edmonton reporters? Went to the Stanley Cup finals? Fucked over a city? Nothing but good things in his new city? Someone's ledger is a bit out of whack..."

Doogie said...

Acutally, wouldn't that be 17 goals in eight periods? 7-4, 6-2, 4-1?

mike w said...



Anonymous said...

Hey mike w, at least you have the option of brain altering chemicals and a night out to wash the taste of this out of your mouth. As I listen to the game from far away I have a full day to ruminate over this debacle, a not so pleasant start to the new year here on the other side of the date line.

You do however, have to suffer watching it whereas I and the other expat faithful only feel the pain in our ears, so maybe it is worse for you. I`m starting down this "who hurts more" line of thought simply to distract myself from that fact that this team is MAKING BABY JEBUS CRY.

Last season K-Lowe told us we didn`t really need a starting goalie at the begining of the season and the beer belly sharecroppers swallowed it. This season he assured us we didn`t really need pro defence and the kool-aid is turning our stomachs. What will it be next season, we don`t really need sticks?


Anonymous said...

Well, if by "trade for a half-decent defenseman" you meant "pick up a 1 goal, -20, been on waivers twice already forward" by the name of Nedved... you'd be exactly correct!

seriously. wtf.

Anonymous said...

nedved is still better than nothin'

Anonymous said...

As an Oil fan from East Central Alberta, this game does hurt. Watch for a trade now that we got Nedved. .... btw, this blog rocks. Been following it since the playoff run. Witty, funny, ... yeah, good stuff guys.