Saturday, December 9, 2006

Initial drunken response: Whoo!

From what I can glean after a few Friday beers is this: the Oilers have won. And against Dallas, which happens once every leap year, and a shutout no less. Rock the effin' house. I'm too loaded to write anything, but just loaded enough to watch it on PVR, alongside The First 48 Hours, Intervention and a week's worth of the Colbert Report.

I see that Anaheim won their millionth game...have I mentioned how much I hate that team?


teebeeplayer said...

Bipoliers indeed!

So how to spin this...

3 game win streak?
.500 over the last 6 games?
Won 8 of the last 13?

I think the first option, since they've only allowed 1 goal in that time. And back to back doughnuts for Rollie! Yeee-wow.

Anonymous said...

... the crappiest post on the Oilogosphere. Crappiest. Post. Ever.

mike w said...

Come on, anonymous. I written stuff way worse than this.