Friday, December 22, 2006

Mayor onside with new arena

Well, twist the mayor's rubber arm.

According to the Edmonton Journal, our mayor Stephen Mandel is on board with a new arena to be built downtown, even with a possible billion dollar price tag. Once again, the Edmonton Journal (who are part-owners of the Oilers) plays it coy with where all of this is coming from, referring to a scheme that has been "floated for several months," as if it were a mysterious gas-like substance, most likely a cloud in the shape of Cal Nichols and the Edmonton Investors Group.

The idea possibly has a arena/hotel/office complex right downtown, on the site of the post office, just north of the CN Tower. The billion dollar question that Mandel doesn't answer, of course, is whether tax payers will have to pay for it. His boyish gushing, however, pretty much speaks for itself.

"There's a very positive attitude ... it's a great city right now," concludes Mandel in what has to be the prototypical, stock quote of pointless boosterism that I have come to expect from the Edmonton Journal (of greater interest: anyone read about that guy who bit off another man's nose in a bar fight outside Bar Wild on Whyte Ave?


Mr DeBakey said...

Small correction
The project might cost a Billion $$$

The Arena [Big Edna's Bar, Grill and Massage Parlour Place] only $350 Million of the total

The headline on the article was kinda inadequate.

Anonymous said...

"Biting off noses for a regular season over Phoenix" is the new "shivving someone because our team won a playoff game."

Man I miss Edmonton.

mudcrutch79 said...

CN Tower mike?

You fucking Toronto centric asshole.

Art Vandelay said...

The problem with Mayor Howie Mandel is that he's so transparently desperate to get his name attached to brass plaques. This week it's a subsidized housing project. Next week it's an edifice to jocks. Week after that it's some other photo-op. When questioned, he usually scurries out of public meetings like a cornered rat. This guy is a weasel who presided over a nearly 10% municipal tax hike this year.

Andy Grabia said...

You fucking Toronto centric asshole.

It is the CN Tower, Tyler.

Garnet said...

Bit off his nose? How does he smell?

mudcrutch79 said...

Wait you guys have one too? Way to steal our thing.

Anonymous said...

There is also a CN Tower in Saskatoon....I think every major city on the line has one. Of course they can't all be the giant penis that is Toronto's.

Randy in the Med Hizzo said...

Yes, yet another nefarious scheme launched by the Edmonton Journal masterminds... Trust me, these people have never come up with a better idea than Miracle Whip on Wonder-Bread.